How to Choose The Right Interior Door

Interior doors perform a different than that of exterior door and many things have to be put into consideration before a door for an interior space would be chosen.

Interior doors not only separate rooms, they also provide privacy and add style and aesthetic appeal to a space. Knowing the things to look out for during this process would go a long way in making it less difficult. When choosing interior doors, you should consider the following:

The size and function of the space

The size of the space is important as it would determine what kind of door would be used there. In a big bedroom for instance, a double door can be used.

In spaces like the sunroom, den, and bathrooms, glass doors can be used. The size of a space and the function it has been designed to perform should influence the type of doors and materials to be used.

The material to use

Doors can be made from different materials. The type of material you decide to choose should be dependent on the aesthetic appeal you want you interior space to transmit.

Doors made from timbers such as oak, pine and walnut are timeless and are suitable for both modern and traditional style homes. For homes that are striving to achieve the minimalist look, white doors can be used. They are ideal for contemporary living spaces.

You will want to determine the material being used for the door not only for aesthetics but also to match its intended use. A few of the more common types of doors included hollow, solid, or glass.

The type of construction to be employed

There are three types of interior doors you can choose from; solid wood, solid core and hollow core. Solid wood doors are of high quality, have a good finish but are the most expensive out of the three. It is solid and heavy and provides long lasting heat and sound insulation.

Solid core doors on the other hand consist of a plywood exterior on wooden fiber frames. It provides more protection against fire outbreaks compared to hollow core doors. The sound and heat insulation is almost the same as that of solid wood but it comes at a much cheaper price.

Core doors are cardboard that are in-between plywood exteriors, and they are the cheapest out of the three. They are lightweight and offer less insulation than the other two. Although they are not durable, they cope better with fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

The style

style of door

For simple minimalist interiors, flush doors can be used. They are simple and elegant and can be used in different ways. Paneled doors on the other hand are more suited for homes that utilize traditional décor.

It adds depth and richness to the interior of a home. The kind of door you choose to use should be determined by the style you’re aiming to achieve.

The way the door is to swing

The way your door is to swing would determine where your hinges would be. For bedrooms, it is ideal that the door should swing into the room. When considering this, think of how you would enter into the space and stick with an option that is more convenient for you.

Depending on the location of the doorway the direction the door swings may be affected for safety or security. For instance, your front door should always swing inward.

The reason all front doors on homes open into the house is because you want the hinges to be out overreach to anyone outside. The hinges can be easily taken off if the door swung out.

The color

How to Choose The Right Interior Door

The door used in an interior space can be painted to compliment the décor of each room. You can decide to either pick a neutral or bold color.

Door casing

The frame of a door would add a visual appeal to your interior door. It is a very important part of a door design.

In conclusion

There are many different options when choosing an interior door for your home.  You should now be able to make a qualified decision when shopping for a new door or looking at homes to buy.

After reading this article I’m sure that it has become clear that interior doors are not just a piece of wood that divides rooms.

You not only need to pick out the proper color to match your home or room that the door will be in but picking the correct material and function is also critical.

When you are ready to purchase a new interior door make sure that you understand how to pick the best door to suit job.

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