8 Elegant Types of Carpets and Their Characteristics

GripElements.com – Looking for a new carpet for your interior? Get to know about the various types of carpets first so that you’ll get the right one. Different fibers are used to make carpets.

However, the most famous ones are wool, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. Below are more details about the carpet.

1. Nylon Carpet

types of carpet pythons

The presence of a carpet will bring a different look to your interior. And nylon carpet is the best one if you want a gorgeous carpet that will last forever.

This carpet is very durable, soft, and also resistant to abrasion and stains. The price of nylon carpet is way cheaper than wool carpet.

2. Types of Carpet: Olefin

types of carpet material

Another name for olefin is polypropylene. This one is also a famous fiber for carpets since it has a similar look to natural wool carpets.

Olefin carpets are stain-resistant but they can collect dirt easily. However, it is super easy to clean olefin carpets. The price of olefin carpets is lower than nylon carpets.

3. Polyester Carpet

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People love polyester carpets because they can hold colors that are fade-resistant and vibrant. Unlike other carpets, these types of carpets are man-made.

It means the polyester carpet is more hypoallergenic. The material of polyester carpets is recycled plastic bottles, they are eco-friendly.

4. Acrylic Carpet

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People know acrylic carpets as synthetic wool carpets. These carpets offer the look and feel of wool and they come at a lower price.

Acrylic has a special resistance to moisture, static electricity, staining, fading, and mildew. However, some cleaning products make the carpets turn brown.

5. Wool Carpet

types of carpet pile

Wool carpet is everyone’s favorite carpet since it is natural and has a luxurious look. It is also a long-lasting carpet that offers impressive softness.

These types of carpets, especially the pure ones, are perfect for those who have sensitivities or allergies to chemicals.

6. Loop Pile Carpet

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Other names for this carpet are Berber pile or uncut pile. Loop pile carpets are highly durable, resistant to stains, and easy to clean.

These are the best option if you are looking for carpets for high-traffic areas like the recreation room. These carpets won show indentations from vacuum marks or footprints.

7. Cut Pile Carpets

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These types of carpets have exposed fibers that are sheared off. Cut pile carpets are easy to clean, inviting, and soft.

The carpets’ different styles are from changing the shearing angle that is slicing the loop. Cut piles are available in various thicknesses and lengths.

8. Saxony Cut Pile Carpet

different types of carpet

These are the cut pile carpets that have super dense and soft fibers. The drawback of Saxony cut pile carpet is that vacuum cleaners and feet can easily crush down the strands.

This is going to leave impressions on the material of the Saxony cut pile carpet.

9. Plush Pile Carpet

types of carpet

Also known as velvet cut pile carpet, this carpet has shorter fibers than Saxony cut pile carpets. The fibers make this carpet look more luxurious and richer. However, this carpet is weaker than other types. Place plush pile carpets in low-traffic areas.

Many types of carpets are going to make the interior look rich and luxurious. But you need to know the different characteristics of carpet before getting one.

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