Keep Your Paint Brushes at Top Condition: How to Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes

Want to know how to clean acrylic paint brushes? You came to the right place, then. Cleaning your paint brushes may not as enjoyable as painting.

Still, you must take care of them. When you take care of your paintbrushes, your paintbrushes will take care of you.

Below, we tell you how to clean paint brushes in 4 different ways: using soap and water, using alcohol, using hand sanitizer gel, and using a comb.

Knowing different ways how to clean paintbrushes will come in handy. Read? Let’s start.

How to Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes

Using soap and water

 cleaning acrylic paint brushes in sink

Rinse your brushes under running water (note: don’t use hot water) and rub the bristles to clean the paint.

Once you are done, apply some form of soap and continue rubbing the bristles. Make sure to rub the bristles thoroughly, leaving no paint residue behind. Rinse under running water again.

Using alcohol

how to clean acrylic paint brushes while painting

Prepare a jar of alcohol. After you are done using a brush, place it inside the jar. Let it soak for several minutes.

After a while, mix your brushes around. Remove them from the jar and use a paper towel to wipe them down until the color is gone.

Using hand sanitizer gel

how to clean acrylic paint roller

Hand sanitizer can be used to clean paint brushes as well. To do so, place a bit of gel in your hand.

Rub it into the brush so the paint loosens. Grab a paper towel and use it to remove any excess. Once done, rinse the brush thoroughly.

Using a comb

how to clean oil and acrylic paint off brushes

If the paint dried on your brush, you can use a fine-tooth comb to remove it. Before you start scraping the paint, apply a coating of water or oil to the comb.

Hold the brush firmly. Then, gently comb through the bristles. Once done, wipe the brush and rinse thoroughly.

Things to Keep in Mind

Don’t let the paint dry

how to clean acrylic paint brushes with vinegar

Compared to oil paint, acrylic paint is easier to clean. That is, as long as the paint is wet.

If it dried on a paintbrush, it will be difficult to clean and ruin the brush. So, never allow acrylic paint to dry on your paintbrushes. Always keep your brushes wet.

Act fast

best acrylic paint brush cleaner

Not letting acrylic paint dries on your brushes is not enough. You have to act fast. Why? Because acrylic paint dries fast.

The faster you clean your brushes, the less likely they are to be damaged. Also, make sure to clean them thoroughly to extend their lifespan.

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Keep your brushes moist but don’t let them getting excess water

how to clean acrylic paint brushes between colors

When painting, always rinse any residual acrylic paint from your paintbrushes before you put them down.

This will keep them wet just in case there is any residue left. At the same time, don’t let them getting excess water as it will rust the brushes’ ferrule, damaging their handle.

Now that you know how to clean acrylic paint brushes, keeping them in top condition shouldn’t be difficult for you.

Remember, when you take care of your paintbrushes, they will take care of you in return. Keeping them in top condition by cleaning them properly allows you to make your next masterpiece.

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