17 DIY Polymer Clay Ideas For Your Kids Projects

Polymer clay which is a modeling clay that is based on PVC or polymer polyvinyl chloride can be used to create many beautiful things. Below are the most creative polymer clay ideas to help you create the most unique ornaments and jewelry. Try some of them at home with your loved ones.

Creative Polymer Clay Ideas

Geometric Wall Hanging

DIY Geometric Wall Hanging

One excellent example to use clay is by using it to create geometric wall ornaments like this one. Use your creativity to make ornaments in different shapes and sizes so they’ll form a unique wall décor.

Then you can combine them with some other elements.

For example, add some pastel colored yarns to make a geometric wall decor that will make it awesome for your girl’s room.

About the color, pick clay that the color matches the interior design of the room. This one in peach with brass hardware is perfect for a modern room with mid-century touch.

Polymer Rose Jewelry

Polymer Rose Jewelry Craft

Or, you can make a necklace for your girls by creating roses from polymer clay. Make one from polymer clay with your girl’s favorite color. You can use rose shaped mold that can ease you to build the rose necklace.

Then attached a hook on the polymer rose accessory so you can connect it with the necklace. Make sure you pick the right necklace that won’t cause irritation.

Same color between the necklace and pendant will make your polymer rose look even prettier.

Popular Clay Beads

DIY Popular Clay Beads

Third of polymer clay ideas is beads necklace. If the rose necklace idea is just too complicated, you can opt for this one.

All you have to do is make some tiny beads using colorful clay. Your kids can do this with you and enjoy the fun.

Then insert those beads into the string. Pick colorful strings so the accessories will be even more attractive.

Teach your girls how they can make a necklace, bracelet, and the other accessories with those small colorful clay beads.

Rainbow Magnets

DIY Rainbow Magnets

Why don’t you show everyone what your kids can do? Use pastel colored polymer clays to create cute little rainbows. Then attach to some magnets.

They will be a nice accessory for your fridge’s door. Use those small magnets to attach family photos, your favorite quotes, or anything else you want to show.

Make sure you use hot glue to attach the baked clay to your magnet. After doing it really well, you can start popping your magnets on the fridge. The hot glue is going to keep your rainbow magnets last longer.

Ice Cream Cone Wall Planters

DIY Ice Cream Cone Wall

Take some pastel colored polymer clay and sculpt some planters from them. Create the shape of ice cream cones and then fill them with succulents.

They’re going to be awesome for your wall décor. It is extremely easy to build this idea.

Roll the circle shaped clay and then score it using the dull tool. Then secure your clay around aluminum foil in cone shape to maintain the ice cream cone shape before you bake it.

Now fill the cones with some faux plants since real plants need water that will ruin the shape of your clay.

Standing Bud Vase

Best Standing Bud Vase

Do you love decorating your rooms with fresh flowers? Then you are going to love this creative standing bud vase. Fresh flowers will add some delicate beauty into your rooms.

When they meet the simple designed bud vase, the bouquet can be stretched and the flowers will be more stunning.

If you want your bud vase to hold tall flowers, make sure it is strong enough. You can make it strong by hiding metal wire inside the vase’s stem.

It helps create a strong structure so your bud vase can hold tall flowers like tulip elegantly.

Polymer Christmas Ornaments

DIY Polymer Christmas Ornaments

Since Christmas is coming, it is the best time to spend your time with your kids making some Christmas ornaments from polymer clay.

Try to build Santa, gift boxes, or this cute Olaf stuff to decorate the Christmas tree.

You can glue the body of this snowman clay with the other components.

This is going to be a cute long-lasting ornament you can use to decorate the Christmas tree in the next year.

Stamped Clay Garden Markers

Stamped Clay Garden Idea

Don’t hesitate to bring out your clay and use it to organize your garden. Collect the polymer clay scraps and then create some easy labels in stick shape from those scraps.

Stamp the stick according to the name of the plants in your garden.

Then bake them before you paint the surfaces of the garden makers using a clear coat that is weatherproof. It is going to make the stamps readable for long time.

Plant them close to your plants to make your garden a lot more organized and pretty at the same time.

Monogrammed Bookmark

DIY Monogrammed Bookmark

Bookworm must try this one of creative polymer clay ideas. Handmade and personalized bookmarks are going to make you want to see it so you’ll open the book and start reading again.

There are some different ways you can try for this idea.

First, go get clay with leather effect from the craft store. Another way is by adding pebble texture in simple design to your regular polymer clay.

Press it using the heavyweight drawing paper in order to create the monogram.

Clay-Covered Pens

DIY Clay-Covered Pens

What’s more interesting than writing on a paper using unique colorful pens? Prepare some plain pens then do some makeover using polymer clay.

Combine some complementary colors then roll them together in order to get the extra interesting finish.

When you’re about to bake the polymer clay pens, make sure you remove the pens’ ink well so that you won’t break the pens.

Combine them with a cute little notepad and they’ll be an excellent gift idea for those who love writing or for your kids’ teachers.

Little Clay Gnomes

Little Clay Gnomes Craft

Want something cute for your kids’ desk? Try creating a 3D ornament like these little gnomes. Use fresh colors since your kids are going to see them all day.

And make sure you don’t make them look scary so your kids won’t be too scared to sleep in the same room with those little gnomes.

These gnomes can also be a great keychain. Your children can put them in their bag or their other stuff.

Mini Clay Gift Boxes

Mini Clay Gift Boxes Idea

Another unique keychain inspiration is these gift boxes made of polymer clay. These are not only for keychains.

These can also be ornaments for your Christmas tree or an accessory you can place inside the real gift box for your loved ones.

Combine any color of the clay with white so that they won’t look too much. Choose pastel colors that are perfect for everyone in all ages, if you’re going to use them as gifts.

Clay Owl Stitch Markers

DIY Clay Owl Stitch

What a cute owl, isn’t it? When you’re trying to make your own stitch markers in owl shape from clay, make sure you combine the same tones together.

For example, for the soft pink owl, add a couple of pink wings. Then for the pastel blue owl, light blue wings will be perfect.

Cover them with coating once you’re done baking them so that they will look more beautiful. They’re now ready to mark.

Clay Bow Necklace Craft

Clay Bow Necklace Craft Ideas

Girls are going to love cute polymer clay ideas just like this bow necklace. Make the bow pendant in the original size of bowtie so that they won’t be too small or too big for your girls.

Avoid making this accessory for babies since babies love putting everything into their mouth.

Polymer Clay Heart Necklaces

Polymer Clay Heart Craft

Here comes the next inspiration for moms with daughters. The heart shaped pendant can be created by combining some different colors.

Let your girls choose the colors they desire and create their own design. You can help with the baking and then finishing the necklace for them.

Clear coating can be applied in order to make the beautiful necklace look more beautiful.

Cutest Monster Earrings Craft

Cutest Monster Earrings Craft

Finally, the last of polymer clay ideas is these cute monster earrings. Get the ideas from the Monsters Inc. or the other monster inspirations.

Or let your kids design their wonderful monsters since these are monsters so your girls are free to make their very own earrings with the idea from their own head.

Will you try all of those ideas above? It is best to start with the easiest one so your kids will enjoy making the clay crafts.

If they start with the simplest ones, they’re going to love making a do it yourself craft. When they’re done learning the easy ones, continue to the next level as they improve their own skills.

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