5 Steps on How to Clean Concrete Floors Both Outdoor and Indoor

Concrete floors are made from sturdy materials so they are pretty long-lasting. Since the surface of the concrete is coarser than other floors, it absorbs dirt and spills easily that sometimes leaving stains. Knowing how to clean concrete floors will help you to maintain their longevity.

Although dirt is likely trapped on its surface, luckily concrete floors are quite easy to clean. Performing regular cleaning not only will maintain its durability but also keep the floors’ original look.

For you who still wonder about cleaning concrete floors at home, you can try the following simple steps.

Steps on How to Clean Concrete Floors

Steps on How to Clean Concrete Floors

1. Take Benefit of a Power Washer

Your process in cleaning the concrete floors can be much easier when using a power washer. Set in high-pressure, the washer help to flush out the dirt and mildew trapped on the concrete surface.

If you don’t have one at home, you can rent them. Better to perform in the afternoon, make sure you follow the instructions carefully on how to operate the machine. It’s important before you actually start the cleaning tasks.

2. How to Clean Concrete Floors with a Brush

Spread the surface of concrete floors with the detergent and scrub them carefully using a brush.

Avoid using a brush with metal bristles since the metal materials may leave on the surface and form rust. Make sure to wear goggles and gloves and conducting this task.

Turn on the washer and move it from one side to another in order to flush out the dirt thoroughly from its surface. By cleaning in a single direction, it prevents the dirt to return back into other areas.

And to clean it quickly, you can use eco friendly laundry detergents because they are easy to use and powerful clean.

3. Cleaning Solutions to Remove Stains

If you discover any stains on the concrete floors, several cleaning solutions can be used. For a natural option, you can create a paste using flour and hydrogen peroxide until it achieves butter-like consistency.

Apply the paste to the affected area and leave it overnight. Scrub with plastic scrapper the next morning.

Another option for cleaning solution is mixing Trisodium phosphate with water.

If the stains are found on outdoor concrete floors, you can use Muriatic acid instead because it works well to remove tough stains.

4. How to Clean Indoor Concrete Floors

How to clean concrete floors indoor should be performed more gently since they have a polished surface. Avoid using ammonia or other acidic solutions.

Using a mop and water is enough but if you require a cleaner make sure to use the mild ones such as castile soap.

5. Seal the Concrete Floors

Give additional protection by applying a concrete sealant will make the concrete floors are more resistant to any dirt.

Seal the concrete surface with the right applying direction which is from the center then move out to the edge. With seal protection, you enhance the durability of the floor and receive a new look.

Although concrete floors require simple maintenance, it doesn’t mean that you don’t take care of them.

If you know how to clean concrete floors properly, you can make them stay longer at your home with less frequent cleaning. Besides, you can preserve its look almost similar to the original one.

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