How to Get Rid of Used Furniture

Most individuals perceive the moving process as highly stressful, and justifiably so. Regardless of how favorable the circumstances might be, the task of relocating oneself, one’s family, and all personal belongings brings significant mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

It’s practically inevitable that the actual moving day will bring more stress than initially expected. However, some organization and planning, including determining furniture disposal methods before moving day, can substantially ease the burden.


donate your furniture

Several groups are willing to collect furniture in good enough condition for resale, meaning it’s not in a state of disrepair or marred by significant stains or rips.

Some of these entities might only accept smaller items such as bedside tables, mirrors, and headboards, but it’s still worthwhile to inquire if they’d be interested in your items. Potential options to consider are the Easy Donation Pickup, Salvation Army, or a nearby breast cancer foundation.

Haul It Away

If you own a large-bed pickup truck, taking your old furniture to the dump could be a viable option. However, you’ll need to determine the specifics, such as the disposal location and the varying dumping costs.

It’s worth checking if your local landfill offers free bulk waste disposal days, which could be an ideal time to remove your furniture.

Should you decide to personally dispose of your furniture, verifying whether your waste facility accommodates the kind of furniture you’re planning to discard is imperative. Furthermore, their drop-off timetable should be reviewed since some facilities only accept furniture on specific days.

Sell Online

Sell Online Your Furniture

If you are not pressed for time in eliminating your furniture, an alternative method to dispose of furniture and potentially earn a profit is by listing these items for sale on the internet.

With a swift online search, you can effortlessly identify a suitable platform for your needs. Utilize accessible, cost-free services like social media platforms, local community forums, and online classified ad websites.

Interested buyers often have the capacity to pick up and remove their new purchases directly. This is a more subtle approach to decluttering the old furniture you intend to remove from your home. This strategy also helps you save money that you might have spent on a junk removal service to transport your items, making it highly efficient.

Engage a Junk Disposal Company

A service dedicated to junk removal will dispatch experts to your residence to estimate the expense of disposing your furniture. They’ll gather up your belongings and take them away if you consent to the quoted price.

This method is suitable for promptly discarding a few large items. However, as the pricing for junk removal frequently depends on the overall volume of your possessions, it may not be the ideal solution if you’re undertaking a complete house clearance or a continuous junk disposal task.

Ensure you conduct thorough research prior to engaging a junk removal firm for your furniture disposal needs.

Swap It for an Upgrade

How to Get Rid of Used Furniture

Certain retailers provide a service where you can swap your old couch for a new one. This could be done through repurchase agreements or by offering discounts on the new item.

Some of these stores might only accept trade-ins of brands they sell or couches purchased from their store. Hence, it’s suggested to begin your hunt for a new couch at the same place you got the old one, as you might be able to benefit from such a deal.

Other retailers might allow you to exchange any couch and offer a discount on your new purchase. Some may even offer to take away your old couch for free when you purchase a new one from them. In any case, make sure to inquire about such exchange programs that can help you get rid of your old couch without any trouble.


Disposing of old furniture doesn’t have to be a burden. By adhering to these guidelines, you can effortlessly steer clear from the landfill as much as possible, simultaneously becoming a part of the circular economy. Explore the various alternatives accessible in your locality, and play your part in minimizing waste.

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