4 Creative Tricks on How to Hang Curtains Without a Rod

Hanging a curtain at home is not only keeping your privacy. This product can also make the room look more attractive. Unfortunately, some people postpone their plan to hang curtains because they don’t have a rod.

Nowadays, it is not a problem anymore because you can creatively hang curtains without a rod. The information below shows how to hang curtains without a rod.

Use Upholstery Tacks

Installing curtains with upholstery tacks is a cheap and easy trick to do without a rod. You only have to get a pack of upholstery tacks. Then, measure the size and the number of pleats you are about to use in this project.

The pleats used in this installation determine the position of the curtain panel. Push the first tack into the corner of the curtain when everything is ready. Now, take some fabric, create a pleat, and tack the pleat into the wall.

The standard distance to tack the pleats is three inches from the first pleat to another. Repeat the process until the curtain covers the window. This trick is perfect if you only want to add color and texture to a room. It is because you can’t open and close the curtains.

Use a Tension Cable

Using a tension cable is the most flexible trick to hang curtains without a rod. You can use this cable to hang grommet, rod pocket, ring clipped, and tab top curtain styles. Prepare two turnbuckles, two-wire clamps, two wall hooks, and 1-1/2 to 2 feet of wire cable with a plastic coat.

Remember to prepare screws and anchors to secure the hooks to the wall. Now, start to screw the hooks into the wall on each side of the window opening. Take the cable and create 5 to 7-inch loops at the end of it.

Fasten the loops with the wire clamps. Attach the wire cable to the curtains and secure the turnbuckles. Remove the excess wire and ensure that the turnbuckles are tight enough.

Use Staples and Furring Strips

How to hang curtains without a rod simply and fast without too many items? Try to hang the curtains using staples and furring strips. All you have to do is paint the furring in the same color as the wall.

Now, screw or nail the strips into wall studs. Ensure that the nail is strong enough to hold the installation. Use staple to connect the curtain panels to the furring strip. Ensure that you buy furring in the correct length before applying this trick.


Use a Rope

Hanging curtains with a rope is another simple trick if you don’t have a rod. This trick is perfect for those who want to have a country decorating style at home. Measure the width of the curtains you are about to hang.

Then, pick the best rope to use to hold the curtain. Ensure that the rope is sturdy enough not only to hold the curtains but also to open and close them.

Measure the rope by adding several extra inches on both sides and cutting it. Use a screw in a hook to support the rope. Install the curtains and it is ready in a few minutes. Indeed, it is how to hang curtains without a rod easily.

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