How to Hang Curtains Easily Based On Their Types

The right curtains can enhance the mood of a room. Curtains not only provide shade and privacy; they also serve a decorative role. To get practical, beautiful, and cohesive curtains, you need to take a few steps. In this article, we’ll discuss how to hang curtains based on their types.

How to Hang Curtains

The first thing on how to hang curtains is to know the type of curtains you are installing. There is no big difference, but there is a difference in how to install them depending on the type of curtain.

1. Ordinary curtains

How to Hang Curtains
  • Measure the top of the window frame.
  • Mark both ends.
  • Install the rail support according to the marks.
  • Attach the curtain to the rod.
  • The trick is to insert the holes in the curtain into the rail and trace them.
  • If the curtain is attached to the rod using rings, slide the curtain ring onto the rod and install the hooks one by one in the space provided.
  • Thread each hook through the loop on the rod.
  • Hang the bar on the support.
  • Make up.

2. Curtains with bangs

Curtains with bangs for living room
  • Prepare a rail support that can support two or more rails.
  • Pin it to the top of the window as above.
  • Install the regular curtains as described and attach the curtains to the rods.
  • Hang the rail (the first rail) on the post that touches the window.
  • Align the holes in the fringe curtain with the second rod and tighten.
  • Hang the second rail on the front rail support.
  • Make up.

3. Butterfly curtain

Butterfly curtain
  • Attach rod-shaped feet to the top and bottom of the window.
  • Attach the upside-down bar leg to the underside of the window.
  • Insert and trace the stick on both sides (top and bottom) of the curtain.
  • Attach the cane to the cane legs you crossed above first.
  • Attach the stick to the bottom stick leg.
  • Make up.
  • Place the tape in the middle of the curtain.

Tips for choosing curtains

Tips for choosing curtains

There are many things to be aware of when it comes to drapes and toppers. These aspects determine not only the beauty of the curtain but also the aesthetic harmony of the curtain with the rest of the room.

1. Curtain color

Another thing to consider is the color of the curtains. Bright, neutral colors like white and cream can give the impression of a larger room.

Besides window curtains, we also have door curtains and overhead covers. Choose a bright, calming color for the door curtains, such as peach or light pink, to make the room appear more spacious. White is also a safe choice; you can’t go wrong.

2.Curtain material

Heavy curtains can be used for large rooms. But for small rooms, choose curtains made of light.

3. Curtain length

A topper that affects the impression of the room depending on the length of the curtain For example, in a classically styled room, you can use curtains that touch the floor to give it a cool look.

However, do not make the curtains too long. The bottom of the curtain gets dirty easily. That’s all about how to hang curtains, hopefully it’s useful.

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