5 Steps How to Hang Tapestry on Ceiling

Tapestry can beautify the look for your room. It’s not only for furniture or wall cover. You can use tapestry on your ceiling.

The effect is magic because it gives you an ancient yet modern vibe. But how to hang tapestry on ceiling? These are the steps you should do.

How to Hang Tapestry on Ceiling

1. Prepare the tapestry

Prepare the tapestry on ceiling

Tapestry has many options in the market. The choices are large in number, from the texture and also the pattern.

However, the perfect option for the ceiling is the soft texture and light one. Since it’s hung on the ceiling, it has potential to drop and danger everything below it.

If you  don’t have any ideas about this, you should find the polyester fabric. It’s lighter than any fabrics of tapestry. Polyester is also affordable.

However, about the design or pattern, it’s up to your own preference. Choose the color based on concept or lighting in your room.

2. Prepare to hang it

Hang tapestry on ceiling

How to hang tapestry on ceiling needs several tools to be prepared. The things you might need are ruler or any measuring tapes, pencil, velcro, high quality glue gun, scissors and ladder.

Make sure you have all of them in your hand before installing it on your ceiling.

3. Measure the ceiling and tapestry

tapestry ceiling ideas

The size of tapestry has to be adjusted on the ceiling. It could be bigger or smaller. But the best one is choosing the smaller one.

Therefore, you don’t need to redesign by cutting the tapestry. Your ceiling won’t be covered, but that looks good as well.

First, choose the spot of ceiling that will be covered. If the entire room is spacious, you may find the certain space to hang.

Measure the margins of each side so it looks neat. Put the mark using the pencil. Pencil won’t dirt your ceiling.

4. Draw the pattern on ceiling

Tapestry pattern on ceiling

Instead of using a pencil, you might need velcro. Velcro has two sides and it gives different marks based on its boldness.

It is also very helpful when you’re doing the measurements. Do the strip neatly on the ceiling. The larger the ceiling and tapestry, then the more strips you’ll draw.

5. Hang the tapestry

How to Hang Tapestry on Ceiling

Hanging the tapestry could be the hardest part. Since it’s a large fabric, you can’t do it alone. If you stand on a ladder, someone needs to hold other parts of tapestry.

Use the hot glue, following the strips you use from velcro. After that, stick the tapestry before the glue dries.

Since you need to move from one side to another and you can’t let the tapestry from one hand, use the rolling ladder if no one helps you.

And not only the strip parts, you also need to stick the glue on the middle of ceiling. The tapestry will fall if you do the margins only.

The steps of how to hang tapestry on ceiling can help to beautify your room. The tribe pattern is unique as decoration in your room.

Consider washing the tapestry regularly. Even though it’s on the ceiling, the dust can flock there. Since it’s glued, you can hang it in the same way as before.

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