7 Best Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Any Room

Coffered ceilings have been around for a while. It simply creates a dramatic look and adds architectural detail to any given room. Most coffered ceiling ideas come with coffers or panels attached to a drop grid, creating a visual weight depending on the depth. Both plastic and PVC panels are available today.

Dating back to centuries ago, coffered ceilings were made from wooden frame over ceiling panels.

Some houses today try to adopt this visual so they can create a historical look. It is good news that this ceiling design is suitable for low and high ceilings, allowing you to give dimensional effects to the room.

Basic Deep Coffers

Basic Deep Coffers

This is a basic coffered ceiling that fits to any room with low ceiling. The suspended PVC grids are made hefty and deep, adding a visual weight to the space.

Recessed lighting fixtures are installed to embellish each coffer and provide illumination. Thanks to white shade that bounces the light.

Centered Ceilings with Hanging Lights

Centered Ceilings with Hanging Lights

Those with a higher interior taste and coveting a unique view when gazing upward, this coffered ceiling design makes a perfect option.

Unlike most coffered ceilings with 24” by 24” panels, it has a complex architectural detail with centered design. Get a decorative hanging lighting fixture for a focal point.

Simple in White

Simple coffered ceiling

Black and white are two most common options for coffered ceilings. While black coffers add a dramatic look, white is well suited to make any rooms visually larger.

The plastic drop grids not only adds value but also provides dimensional effect. Recessed lighting fixtures just complement this coffered ceiling.

Deep Coffers for Visual Weight

Deep Coffers for Visual Weight

As one of the best coffered ceiling ideas, this ceiling design looks attractive with the combination of dark grids and earth tone coffers.

The grids create beautiful harmony with the wall and shelving. On top of that, glass windows allow natural illumination and offer warmer nuance to the room.

Beehive Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling Design

Beehive coffered ceilings are possibly the best option for non-square rooms. Once you create a perimeter, work with the beehives from the center.

This unique ceiling is designed with shallow, white coffers to create a lighter feel. A hanging light can be installed to mark the center of the room.

Dimensional Effect with Dark and Light Hues

Dimensional Effect with Dark and Light Hues

Color and lighting play a major role in creating feelings in any rooms. And if you wish to adopt a dramatic visual, dark grids and light coffers give a huge help.

The key element is on ambient lighting that adds a mysterious and dramatic look to the whole area.

Royal Coffered Ceiling

Royal Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Finished wooden frame over ceiling panel offers a royal and lavish accent.

Whether you want to create a historical look or simply love the warmth and friendly ambiance, this coffered ceiling design adds value to any room. Laminated hardwood flooring is well suited to this interior.

Deep and shallow sunken panels add not only architectural details but also value. There are so many beautiful and lightweight coffered ceiling ideas to choose from, providing you with easy to clean ceilings for years of enjoyment.

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