How to Make a House More Accessible to The Elderly

When your elderly loved ones are aging, it becomes your responsibility to put safety measures in place for them, as now most of the time they will be at home.

This is why it is prudent that you actively seek out ways to enhance their overall safety, their ability to function, and their comfort. But this process can be exhausting and may feel overwhelming with so much going on.

If you have been struggling to optimize the comfort of your elderly loved ones, this is the perfect article to get you started.

Enhancing the Comfort and Accessibility

How to Make a House More Accessible to The Elderly

One of the first things to keep in mind is that you need to prioritize their comfort and ease of access. Things that we take for granted become a task for them, such as using the bathroom or climbing stairs.

Another important thing to consider is ensuring that they always have easy access to you by providing them with a phone or even a call button that they can carry around in case they need anything while they are sitting on a couch or relaxing in their room.

The Basics of Safety

Safety is a major concern if your senior loved ones live independently or if you are caring for them at home. The house may not appear to be an especially dangerous location at first sight.

However, there are often hidden hazards for the elderly in the house, ranging from uneven thresholds or slippery flooring that can cause trips and falls, to poor lighting and clutter that can make the home difficult to manage for those with mobility issues.

Moreover, you can also consider GPS trackers, especially for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, as it can help you find an older adult who tends to wander or get lost.

These dangers can make it difficult for your elderly loved ones to securely undertake various instrumental activities in their day-to-day life.

Wheelchairs and Alternatives

Aside from technology, there are various home adjustments you can make to make it safer and more functional for your senior loved ones, ranging from simple, low-cost adjustments to significant renovations.

For the elderly, accessing the stairs could be a challenge and there is a high risk of there being an accident related to a fall. They might have medical issues like weak knees which render them unable to climb the stairs with ease.

One good option is to select a wheelchair that addresses this issue for them. However, it’s important that we provide the right type of wheelchair to the elderly to ensure safety.

Many geriatric patients do not feel comfortable using wheelchairs. While exploring several options available in the market, one may come across companies that provide ultimate solutions for comfort and ease to the elderly.

A stairlift seems to be one of the best options available in the market. According to the information found at, there are a variety fof models and types, and it’s important that you learn more about each to understand which would work and fit perfectly for the house.

A stairlift is simply a mechanical device that is used to lift people up and downstairs, especially individuals with impairments.

The mechanism works by attaching a rail to the treads of adequately wide staircases. The rail is equipped with a lifting platform or perhaps a chair that enables them to climb onto the chair or platform as it is raised up or down the stairs, gliding along the rail.

A stair lift can add extra safety and comfort to the stairs in your home. The stairlift can be used in both the home and at work.

Moreover, there are several types available, including the traditional sit-down lift, which requires the user to remain seated while it travels up and down the stairs.

Another is a handheld version of the lift, which makes it easy to navigate stairs on the go, and a stand-up lift, which raises the user to a standing position.

Keep Communication Intact

Social life and communication are very important in the everyday life of your elderly loved ones. It’s also a good idea to get them a cell phone, so they can call for help if necessary.

The goal here is to optimize their opportunities for engagement with people they love and care about. The more they communicate with others, the better their health will be. So, instead of turning a blind eye to this, make it a priority.

This article only outlined a few of the many wonderful ways you can help your elderly loved one. It is a dignified way of allowing them to stay independent as they age or move to a new home. However, this is a learning process, and you will have to optimize as you go along.

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