How to Maximise the Space in a Small Home

Do you own a small home that constantly feels like it doesn’t offer enough space? Do you feel like you’re always tripping over your belongings and other members of the household and that the walls are closing in?

Before you decide to give up on the house and move, there may be some simpler solutions that allow you to transform how you use the space.

Here are some great ways you can maximise the space in a small home and make it work for you.

A Massive Decluttering Is In Order

How to Maximise the Space in a Small Home

There are many tips you can use that will help you maximise your space, but unless you begin with decluttering, the tips won’t be as effective.

A massive declutter means you go through every room in your home and divide all items into three piles – keep, donate, or trash. It’s time to be ruthless and think hard about what you’re keeping.

Some homeowners may find this step alone is all it takes to give them enough space in the house.

Choose Furniture with Built-In Storage

Anytime you can purchase a piece of furniture that is multi-functional, it’s a win. When it comes to maximising a small space, furniture that offers built-in storage is a game changer.

A great example is your TV stand, which is meant to put your TV on but if you purchase one with drawers and/or shelves, suddenly it serves another purpose.

There are plenty of pieces of furniture that are like this, such as coffee tables with built-in storage, bedframes with built-in drawers, headboards with shelving, and so forth. It’s a more creative way of using furniture.

Make Sure Your Furniture Fits the Space

And speaking of furniture, it’s important to look for pieces that are designed for small spaces. Oversized furniture will look out of place in a small space as the proportions will be off.

Take a look at options such as the bistro Vidaxl dining table, which is slim, sleek, and tall, making it ideal for small spaces. If you’re not a fan of bistro tables, opt for a round table as they tend to fit better in small kitchens.

And this rule of proportions applies to all furniture. Take careful measurements of the room before you make any purchase, and when looking at the dimensions of the furniture you can always map it out in the room using painter’s tape on the floor or even string. Sometimes it can be easier when you have a visual.

Don’t Let Vertical Space Go to Waste

Homeowners are often guilty of letting the vertical space in a room go to waste and if you live in a small space, it’s all the more important to take advantage of it. Rather than just hanging one shelf at arm’s height on the wall, use the entire vertical space up to the ceiling.

This will vastly expand storage and even display space. You want to place items you don’t use often on the top shelf since they will be harder to reach.

Many Ways to Combat a Lack of Space

These are just some of the many ways you can combat a lack of space in the home and transform it. Maximising the space in a small home is all about being creative.

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