How to Organize a Cluttered Garage: 6 Useful Techniques

A garage is one place in every home where people store stuff that is no longer wanted or occasionally used. While a garage is specifically designed for the car, it can be used as storage for a variety of items like tools, books, toys, hardware, or old clothes.

However, organizing your garage can be a daunting task since there are many things you can do to make it a comfortable and tidy space.

Keep on reading to learn how to organize a cluttered garage with these 6 useful techniques. 

Perform Regular Cleaning

The first thing you should do to organize your garage is give it a basic cleaning and focus on the floor. Look for small items like nails, identify evidence of creepy crawlies living there, check cobwebs, oil, and chemical stains.

While you are cleaning the garage, you should begin the decluttering process and throw away anything you no longer need. 

It is vital to declutter the garage before you organize it. You can achieve this by dividing items into different categories. Separate the things you want to keep from the ones you want to throw away or donate.

This will help you see what you’ve got stored in there and begin to organize the items. 

Install Cabinets

Depending on the space you have in your garage, you can consider shelving or installing cabinets

If you want to organize your space, opt for garage cabinets that provide perfect storage multipurpose solutions that can be easily adapted into your reorganization plan. Make sure you choose custom-built cabinets that suit your environment. 

The cabinets you pick should suit the equipment you want to store. Since your garage is an extension of your house, make sure your storage looks good and functional.

When you choose appropriate shelves or cabinets, they can last longer. These components are easy to assemble and install. Only use them for their intended purpose. 

Utilize Slatwall Panels and Accessories

Slatwall storage solutions and large hooks can be hung on the walls, and they are used for keeping items like sporting equipment, toys, and gardening tools.

These solutions are flexible and designed to make your garage look neat. Additionally, you can use the panels to store bulk ladders and garage accessories to reduce clutter on the floor. 

One good thing about panels is you can easily cut them to fit the size of your space. They also help you to arrange your tools in places where you can easily access them when you are working on a specific project. 

Use Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead storage racks offer an efficient and economical way of utilizing all the space above cabinets. They are ideal for bulky items, boxes, sports gear, and storage containers.

These things cannot fit inside the cabinets and are often too heavy to hang on a wall. Therefore, overhead storage is an excellent solution to create a more spacious area in the garage.

In most cases, the space below the garage system can go unused, and this is where you can install overhead storage racks.

These can be adjusted to suit your preferred height. However, make sure you install them on strong ceiling trusses. 

Create Zones in Your Garage

You should create zones in your garage to store your belongings in an organized way. For example, you can create a zone for car supplies, tools, sports equipment, toys, books, and old clothes.

The zone concept will help you understand where every item is stored. You can create basic zones for the frequently-used items. Pack your valuables in such a way that you can easily access or return them to their storage area. 

Remove Packaging

How to Organize a Cluttered Garage

Before you pack different things away in your garage, it is recommended to eliminate the original packaging since it might not serve any purpose.

Items packed in boxes can take up more space that could be organized to hold more items. Instead, you can invest in appropriate containers to store several smaller items.

When you take all the items out of their packages, you will know the exact number and size of the storage containers you may need. Label all the containers for easier identification of the tools you may want to use at any time.

A garage is a high-traffic area and can become overcrowded when seldom-used items begin to pile up in the storage space.

Organizing your garage can look like a challenging task, but it makes life far more convenient once it’s done.

It is essential to break this space into smaller chunks to make sorting through the area manageable. When the place is organized, it will be even easier to clean.

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