How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s The Easy Guide

Having modern kitchen cabinets is certainly a dream for many people. Actually there are many kitchen cabinets ideas

which you can use to beautify your kitchen. One way is to do the painting on the cabinets.

So, for those of you who want to give your kitchen a different look, you can try this method. If you are confused about how to paint the right and good, here we provide a complete explanation regarding “how to paint kitchen cabinets.”

Choosing The Right Type of Paint

Choosing The Right Type of Paint

The choice of paint type is a determining factor. Because there are various variants of paint, you need to choose a type of paint that is of high quality and good. However, still adjust the quality of the paint with the availability of your funds.

If your funds are limited, then use standard paint which is still affordable but has a pretty good quality. If you use paint that is too cheap, you will need many coats of paint. In addition, the color also becomes less visible.

Cheap paint will also make the results of the painting not last long. Usually, the paints that are often used for coating kitchen cabinets are alkyd oil paints or water-based latex paints. If you want better results and look smoother, then you can use oil paint.

In order to produce good results, you can use a soft bristle brush. However, oil paint takes a while to dry and is quite difficult to clean.

Paint with A Glossy Finish

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Paint also has various types of finishes. There are paints that give a glossy finish, but there are also those that look matte. Several other types of finishes are semi-gloss, flat, satin, and eggshell.

If you want to highlight architectural details, then you can choose semi-gloss paint. However, if you want results with a low level of shine but the results still look smooth, then just use satin paint.

Therefore, it is very important to determine the goals and needs of painting in your kitchen cabinets. If you don’t determine it first, then you can’t choose the most appropriate paint for you.

Remove The Drawer Door Parts

Remove The Drawer Door Parts

When you want to paint the kitchen cabinets, don’t forget to remove the front or door of the drawer. Before removing it, first put some labels on each drawer door so that later it will be easy for you to put it back on.

Also give a layer on the door pull or knob. In this way, you can produce nice and neat kitchen cabinets without contaminating other parts of your kitchen. This is also one of the important steps related to “how to paint kitchen cabinets.”


sanding kitchen cabinets

Do sanding on the entire surface of the kitchen cabinets. You don’t need to remove all of the old paint because you only need to roughen the surface of the cabinets so that the new paint can adhere perfectly.

When you have finished painting, clean the entire surface of the cabinets from dust so that the remaining sanding can completely disappear.

These 4 ways are very easy to do. Now, you already know the methods related to “how to paint kitchen cabinets.” So, do that to make your kitchen cabinets look prettier.

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