How to Hang Wallpapers? Use These Methods, Beginners Can Do Them Easily

How to Hang Wallpapers? Home decorating is always a fun thing to do. One way to make your home look beautiful is to add wallpaper to the walls. However, how to hang wallpaper?

For some people, this is considered difficult because it requires a complicated way for the wallpaper to stick perfectly to the wall. However, there is an easiest way to do just that. This method can also be done by beginners.

Here we provide the easiest way to hang wallpaper that can make your home room look more attractive and beautiful. What are the ways? Here is the complete explanation for you.

Take Room Measurements

installing wallpaper

This is the first method you have to do when you want to install wallpaper. By taking the right measurements, you can find out what size wallpaper fits your room’s needs. Therefore, you need to measure the height and width of the room.

Clear Room First

Remove all equipment attached to the walls of your room. Don’t forget to turn off the electricity first before doing so. Also remove the nails attached to the wall.

Then, Prepare The Wall

Prepare The Wall

It will be difficult to stick wallpaper on walls if they are greasy and dirty. Therefore, first clean all the stains on the walls of the room. Use a cloth to clean it.

If there are holes in the wall, then patch all the holes first. Then, wait for it to dry. The reason is, the wallpaper will not stick perfectly if the wall is still wet.

Well, if the wallpaper will be installed on a wall that has been painted, then coat the wall with primer first. However, if you have already installed the wallpaper, then remove the wallpaper first and then apply a primer. You have to do that so that the new wallpaper can stick properly.

Determine The Attachment Spot

This is also the way you have to do regarding “how to hang wallpaper.” So decide which area to wallpaper first. Better, you start from the end of the room because that area is not too conspicuous.

An example is the area in the bedroom, to be precise at the back of the bedroom door. Don’t start pasting the wallpaper on the wall in the middle room. You can do it when the room is indeed an accent.

Measure The Part from Roof to Floor

How to Hang Wallpapers

You need to measure the distance from your room ceiling to the floor. Then, roll the wallpaper to be installed and straighten the pattern. You have to check the size twice so you don’t cut the wallpaper wrong.

Draw A Line

In order for the wallpaper to stick neatly to the wall, you need to make a reference line on the wall. With these lines, you can paste the wallpaper perfectly from top to bottom.

You can do these 6 ways easily if you want to know about “how to hang wallpaper.” So, before installing wallpaper, learn the easiest way to hang wallpaper first.

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