How to Repair Basement Leaks

Sometimes a wet basement can reduce your home’s value. In addition, It also produces bad odors all over the room. If it gets bad, the basement moisture will destroy your walls and walls.

Of course, you can contact professionals about this problem. When saving money, you can’t help but wonder how to repair basement leaks; so you can do it yourself. This article will help you to master the know-how.

How to Repair Basement Leaks: Get Gutter Extensions

One of the most common reasons why your basement leaks are probably the rain gutter or downspouts. During the rainy or snowy season, sometimes the rain gutter cannot contain an excessive amount of water. For a short-term solution, you can buy an extra gutter extension.

To answer your worry: about how to repair basement leaks, you may also opt for a permanent pipe. This is because an underground pipe is installed underneath, so it almost looks invisible.

In addition, the pipe can also shift the massive amount of water and basement leaks away from your house. To fix the drainage problem, you need to pay around $835 to $3,000.

How to Repair Basement Leaks: Plug Gaps

How to Repair Basement Leaks Plug Gaps

When your basement leaks, you need to check where the source of the excessive water is. If it comes out from the cracks near your plumbing pipes, you can tackle the problem by buying a plug gap.

This can solve the issue only when the water flows from a hole, not when there is a groundwater issue. When that is the case, you need to go to the service center and get them fixed.

How to Repair Basement Leaks: Fix the Footing Drains

If you have a hydrostatic pressure issue, you need to check the footing drains. How can you know this is the cause of the problem? A hydrostatic issue happens when the water leaks from the seams, or on the walls, right at the joint point at which they meet.

When the footing drains are clogged, you can try to flush the pipes or unlatch the cleanout. You can also try to call a plumber, so they can help you with an augur. Approximately, it costs $600.

How to Repair Basement Leaks: Replace the Crown

How to Repair Basement Leaks

What if you have done all the above, but water still leaks out from the higher space? This means the surface water cannot be absorbed and drained from your home. Typically, your home is built on a crown of soil. This crown ascends six inches over ten feet.

So if the crown does not function properly, you can try to fix them by adding extra clay or dirt. Commonly, this costs around $30, delivery cost is not included for one cubic yard. This cubic yard contains a clay-loam mix from the home supply.

You may also try to reshape the landscape around your house. The siding of your house might overlap. You can solve it by making a berm and a swale.

Both of them will assist the water flow, so before it can leak into your house, the water will be redirected to your house’s siding. Hope this article helps to answer how to repair basement leaks!

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