How to Style Your Dorm With Modular Furniture

Living in the small space of a college dorm room can turn out to be an unwelcome challenge for many students. However, today, you have plenty of options for customizing a dorm room and converting it into a space that you like.

One of the best ways to do that is to swap some of the furniture with modular pieces. It can not only give a fresh look to your room but also make it more comfortable and convenient.

In this article, we will explore the different ways you can style your dorm with the help of beautiful and functional modular furniture.

Choose the Right Layout

How to Style Your Dorm With Modular Furniture

Before investing in modular furniture, the first thing to do is decide on a layout for your dorm room that works best for your unique needs. This will also depend on whether you have the room all to yourself or you are sharing it.

For instance, if it is a two-person dorm, then pushing the beds against the opposite wall will give you some personal space. You will both get your own side and change it according to each one’s taste. You can even add a room divider by hanging curtains or buying a foldable divider for privacy when needed.

On the other hand, if space-saving is your top priority, you can arrange your beds in an L shape. So, one bed will be close to the side wall and the other one adjacent to the opposite wall. This will allow more room for activities.

Clearly, you will need to try out a few layouts first. If you have any pressing assignments right from the beginning of your term, you can get professional paper help by WritePaper to take care of your college papers. And in the meanwhile, you can figure out the best way to arrange your dorm room to make your college life easier ahead.

Bed With Storage

It goes without saying that finding extra storage can be very helpful in a dorm room. And a modular bed with drawers underneath it can be a great choice to start with. It will keep things hidden away without taking up any additional space in your room.

The second option for beds with storage is to choose one with headboards doubling up as shelves. This can help you avoid buying a night table and instead keep everything necessary, such as a phone and water bottle, on the shelf.

Lift The Bed

Another piece of modular furniture to consider is the loft bed. Elevating your sleeping area can open up the space underneath. Depending on your room layout and requirements, you can use this space to create a study nook or add additional storage furniture.

This functional design can help students save tons of space for common activities. If you are comfortable, you can also go for a bunk bed design, leaving the other wall free for storage or

Add Vertical Storage

When choosing modular storage, it is best to go for options that can be either hidden away or do not take up too much space on the floor. One way to do this is to utilize the vertical space.

You can check out wall shelves and bookshelves that can save space while allowing you to store books and other essentials. And if these are closed and blend with the wall color, they will not look too cluttered from the outside.

Add Adhesive Hooks

If you are looking for a budget way to add some vertical storage, then try adhesive hooks. These can be purchased from Amazon and can come in handy in several ways.

Students can use these to hang paintings, decor, or a board. Some might also prefer to use hooks to hang their coats on the wall. This can be a great way to hang lights from the ceiling or add a creeper to spruce up your room.

Buy a Rolling Cart

An interesting piece of modular furniture that you can buy is a rolling cart. Sometimes, having separate tables can take up precious space in a small dorm room. Instead, opting for a rolling cart can be a great idea.

These can shift their place according to your need and hold a small arrangement of items. For instance, during the daytime, this can serve as a coffee table, and when you are ready to sleep, it could serve the purpose of a night table. You can leave the top part free and use the bottom shelves for storage.

Use Modular Organizational Tools

The key to having a clean dorm room is organization. After all, when you are sharing the space with someone else, you will have to make some sacrifices. If you do not want to buy furniture, you can make your dorm room a lot better using organizers.

There is a range of these that you can find today – starting from baskets, and boxes, to clothing racks. These can also be useful to keep things tidy within your closet – which is very unlikely to have sufficient space to hold everything. And if your closet does not have a door, you can use a curtain to hide your belongings.

These organizational tools can double up as decor as well. For example, a beautiful wicker basket is something you will need to show off rather than keep hidden away in the closet. Similarly, you can make boxes out of pallets and trunks to use them as a table with storage underneath.

Get Creative With the Kitchen Corner

Of course, you will need to have the basic kitchen essentials – after all, what will you do if you need ramen in the middle of the night? So, when deciding on a layout, do not forget to assign space as the kitchen. Where this would go will ultimately depend on whether you are sharing a room and whether you are sharing the kitchen with the roommate.

The essentials include a mini-fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, and some basic cutlery. You will also need space to store some snacks. So, we would suggest using the bottom half of the rolling cart for this purpose.

Don’t Hesitate to DIY

Unless you are willing to splurge, modular furniture is rarely going to look one-of-a-kind. If you are keen to add a personal touch to your room, do not hesitate to do some DIY. You can paint over the furniture, draw designs, or add some wallpaper – all without having to break the bank.

This can also turn out to be a fun activity that you can do with your roommates. And if you are altering the furniture provided by the school, make sure that these can be taken off easily.

Find Accessories

Finally, you do not have to go all out and buy furniture to make your dorm room more functional and comfortable. Today, you can find accessories that can virtually take care of all your needs and can be tucked away without taking up too much space.

For instance, you can find foldable tables that can be attached to your sofa or bed. You can also find stands that go over your desk, so you do not have to hang any wall shelves. Similarly, you can use accessories to elevate the bed and use aesthetically pleasing boxes to convert the space underneath for storage.

As always, you will find cheaper alternatives if you are looking to style your dorm. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time here through your college years. So ensure that the space is comfortable and makes you feel at least a little bit at home.

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