2 Tricks on How to Fix TV Screen Cleaned with Windex and Safety Alternative to Clean It

Some people are asking how to fix tv screen cleaned with Windex. It is because the heavy chemicals in Windex, such as alcohol, ammonia, and Isopropanolamine damage plastic, including a tv screen. So, can you fix the TV screen cleaned with Windex? Check the information below.

Clean the Stains on the TV Screen

One of the impacts after applying Windex on the television flat screen is stains. Stains even appear a few minutes after applying Windex. Turn off the television to see the stains. On the worse level, you can even see the stains when turning the television on.

The fastest way to handle this problem is by mopping the Windex with a dry microfiber cloth. Ensure that you clean the Windex from the screen right away. The heavy chemicals affect the screen in only a minute or two minutes after applying this product.

The Television Is Not Working at All

How to fix tv screen cleaned with Windex if the television doesn’t work at all? It happens when the chemicals damage the protective coating on the television screen and pass inside the television. The worst effect of this tragedy is that your television will not work at all.

The screen turns black even when you turn on the television. Sometimes, the sound is not working either because the chemicals affect the sound panels. Remain calm and lay the television down on a flat surface, face-down.

Take an electronic part cleaner and spray the back of the television screen. Let the television for a few minutes and clean it with a dry microfiber cloth. Try to turn on the television and see the result. You should bring the television screen to the technician if this trick doesn’t work to evaporate the Windex.

The Safe Way to Clean a Television Screen

Now, you know that Windex is not a recommended product to clean a television screen. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you don’t clean the screen at all. You only have to choose a safe way to clean your television screen.

Ensure that you have turned off the television before cleaning it. It is not only safe for you but also to see the dust and dirt. You can wait for a few minutes to reduce the temperature of the television. Cleaning a cold television screen is much easier than a warm or hot screen.

Now, clean the television screen with a dry cloth. Ensure that the cloth is clean, soft, and dry before using it for cleaning the television screen. Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion to remove dust, dirt, and lint. Don’t wipe the screen too hard because it can burn out the liquid crystals inside the screen.

How about if the stains are hard to clean with a dry cloth? You can use a wet cloth to clean it. Remember! Spray water on the cloth, not the television screen. Then, gently wipe the screen with wet cloth in a circular motion.

How to fix tv screen cleaned with Windex looks easy to do, but it doesn’t give a result just like what you expect. So, before it is too late, use the safe way to clean a television screen to prevent any serious risk.

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