7 High Performance IKEA Gaming Desk for Every Gamer

IKEA offers a long list of products when it comes to gaming desks. Whether you’re a recreational or die-hard gamers, you can always find the right IKEA gaming desk.

Just as with other products of this brand, their gaming desks are not only stylish and eco-friendly but also durable for high performance.

There is a couple of popular products to choose from, such as Linnmo and Fredde. These gaming desks are built to accommodate up to 3 monitors so you can upgrade your gaming experience.

Get the space, find a suitable desk, and transform your nook into a cozy gaming corner. Check these out!

Black Linnmon with Double-Sided Drawers

Black Linnmon with Double-Sided Drawers

The black finished Linnmon desk is built with style and performance in mind. Made from fiberboard with particleboard frame and plastic edging, it is suitable for any room, including multimedia room.

It features double sided drawers so you have extra space to store gaming accessories and other equipment.

White Linnmon for Minimalist Room

White Linnmon for Minimalist Room

If you are more into white, this Linnmon desk is going to spruce up your gaming room. It can be a perfect piece to complement your minimalist room, thanks to simple design.

This desk is ample enough to accommodate up to 3 monitors, or a monitor with gaming equipment.

Customized L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped IKEA gaming desk

How about transforming your room corner into a cozy gaming nook? This L-shaped IKEA gaming desk helps tackle half of your job.

Not only does it offer ample table top, it also features drawers in both sides. That means you have extra storage for keeping gaming accessories, stationeries, and knickknacks.

Sturdy with A-Shaped Legs

sturdy gaming desk for recreational gamers

Teaming up with ASUS ROG, IKEA builds this sturdy gaming desk for recreational gamers. It comes with simple design that makes a perfect piece for studio apartment or narrow room.

The stylish black furniture can accommodate up to two monitors and gaming equipment, including your PC and speakers.

Fredde Gaming Desk with Extra Storage

Best Gaming Desk with Extra Storage

Serious gamers must have a complete set of gaming equipment. If you think floor is not a good place for those stuff, Fredde gaming desk has got your back.

Designed with extra shelving, you can easily keep gaming equipment, peripherals, and accessories. Everything is well displayed with this desk.

White for Modern Look

IKEA Gaming Desk Ideas

This desk can be a great way to give your gaming equipment a proper place without consuming a lot of space.

It has a simple design that works well to complement your modern-minimalist gaming room. On this desk, you can place a monitor along with PC, speakers, and few accessories.

Black Linnmon with Simple Design

Linnmon with Simple Design

Black finished gaming desk is suitable for any room. Despite the slim legs, it is durable enough to support heavy loads.

With the right arrangement, it can accommodate up to 3 monitors for a better gaming experience. As it lacks of drawers, you may opt to install floating shelves or standing drawers.

IKEA gaming desk is suitable for recreational to high performance gaming, thanks to high quality material that ensures its durability while keeping the piece stylish.

Find a desk that meets your preference so you can spruce up the room without extra effort.

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