7 Unique and Inspiring Video Gaming Controller Storage Ideas

Keeping video game accessories organized doesn’t come easy. While cluttered controllers, USB cables, and headsets can be eyesores, video gaming controller storage ideas come as a solution. Not only does it keep your accessories and other stuff in place, it also maintains them in a good shape.

A lot of storage ideas are available to give you a clutter-free gaming room and house. If you don’t have much time to collect the ideas from scratches, you’ve come to the right page.

Take a closer look at inspiring gaming controllers below and prepare for your upcoming DIY project. Scroll through!

Gaming Controller Display

Video Gaming Controller Storage Ideas

If you have a set of limited edition controllers, this storage idea is what they deserve. When not in use, you can transform gaming accessories into a wall decoration.

Not only does it make your room organized, the wall art adds a visual interest you cannot find somewhere else.

Simple Wall Mount Stands

Simple Wall Mount Stands

Wall mount stands are the simplest storage idea to keep your gaming controllers in place.

These stands vary in size and color, allowing you to pick one that meets your preferences. Install the stand next to your gaming desk so you can easily grab it whenever you want.

Standing Gaming Controller Hanger

Standing Gaming Controller Hanger

This is another great way to store and display your gaming controller.

Standing hanger is specifically crafted to keep controllers secure when not in use. It’s also equipped with headset hanger and holes to keep the batteries. On top of that, it can be a focal point on your desk.

Keep It Out of Sight

gaming room organized Idea

Unlike other video gaming controller storage ideas that display the accessories, this is much like a hideaway.

Utilize the drawer of your gaming console to keep gaming controllers, USB cables, and DVDs out of sight. This is a great way to make your gaming room organized and clutter-free.

Wall Mount Velcro

Wall Mount Velcro Ideas

Velcro comes in handy to store your gaming controllers, especially if you wish to make it a wall art.

Attach controllers with heavy duty adhesive Velcro near your gaming desk for easier access. Use the soft side of Velcro on the controller so it doesn’t hurt your hands.

Pegboard Controller Hanger

pegboard is a versatile tool for storage

Besides Velcro, pegboard is a versatile tool for storage. Combine with wires or hooks so you can keep controllers in place.

You can create a storage corner not only for gaming accessories, but also stationeries, and even collectibles. Interestingly, it may also serve as a wall decoration too.

DIY Basket

video gaming controller storage ideas

How about making a DIY storage basket for controllers, DVDs, and gaming supplies? This storage is quite simple and easy to make especially if you have excellent woodworking skills.

Put the basket on the table or if you have a small space issue, it can sit nicely on the shelf.

With the list of video gaming controller storage ideas above, you can choose an organizer for keeping controllers and accessories.

It’s time to upgrade your gaming room and say farewell to cluttered desk. Make sure the upcoming storage suits your space so it doesn’t make your room look cramped.

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