7 Indonesian Daybed World Market to Make Your Space More Interesting

Daybeds make space more interesting. There is a wide range of options when it comes to daybeds. Indonesian daybeds, particularly, offer so much styling, especially as many are made with handicrafts. Looking for some references for the Indonesian daybed World Market? Check out our list below.

1. Daybed Sofa Set

Daybed Sofa Set

As a piece of furniture, a daybed can work on its own. That said, if you are planning to add a daybed in the living room, getting a daybed sofa set is undoubtedly a good idea.

Notice how most things in the room are made of wood, giving a complete and harmonious look. Meanwhile, the bright red covers contrast with the dark brown of the frames, creating attractive visual cues.

2. Solid Teak Daybed

Solid Teak Daybed

Perhaps you want a daybed that can last for many years? If that is what you want, consider getting an Indonesian solid teak daybed.

Indonesian teak furniture is well-known not just for its beautiful style, like this one here, but also for its longevity.

Unlike many other pieces of furniture, teak furniture ages gracefully. Teak furniture lasts for a lifetime, even without little maintenance.

3. Farmhouse Touch

Farmhouse daybed design

Indonesian daybeds come in various styles, including farmhouse style. For space with farmhouse décor, a black wooden daybed will complete the look, especially so if the space is dominated by bright colors.

It provides a contrast, making an appealing focal point that no one can miss. This daybed is close to the floor, making it suitable for the kid’s playroom.

4. Indonesian Daybed World Market with Stylish Antique Gray Finish

Stylish Antique Gray Finish

If you love handicraft furniture, you will love this. This daybed is made from solid rubberwood, which makes it durable. The daybed has a stylish look, thanks to its antique gray finish.

What makes it even more beautiful is that due to handcrafting, there are slight variations among the products.

In other words, when you buy an Indonesian daybed World Market like this, you get a unique piece of furniture that is not replicated anywhere else.

5. Traditional Style

Daybed Traditional Style

There are so many daybed styles to choose from it can be confusing. Here’s an easy solution: go traditional. You just can’t go wrong with a traditional style daybed like this.

The daybed frame alone already looks good. Just add a mattress, a pillow, and bolsters, and your warm and inviting daybed is set.

6. Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty daybed style

For some people, there is beauty in simplicity. And this daybed is an excellent example of that. It doesn’t offer intricate styling, but it is very pleasant to the eyes.

The extra space that the frame has provides some room for other decorations like pots of greeneries, making the set all the more appealing.

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7. With Trundle

daybed with trundle

In need of an extra bed but don’t have the space for it? A daybed with trundle is your best friend. Not only does it provide you with a comfy spot for relaxation and sleep, but it is also space-efficient.

So, which Indonesian daybed World Market piques your interest the most? An Indonesian daybed can help transform a bland space into a more interesting one.

With so many styling options available, you need not worry about not finding one that suits your décor best.

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