Ways to Replace Garage Door Panels

The garage door panel plays an essential role in the aesthetic appearance of your garage. Over time, they will become unsightly for various reasons, including discoloration and physical damage.

However, every garage door panel is replaceable, just like a drywall access door panel exposed flange for electrical controls.   

Meanwhile, some property owners will go for a DIY project in replacing their damaged or unsightly door panels. As time goes by, you need to replace the garage doors panels no matter their conditions. 

When To Replace Garage Doors?

If your garage doors have damages that affect their functionality, then it is essential to replace them as soon as possible.

A damaged garage door can get stuck or cause misalignment of the whole door panel system. The age of the garage door also plays a part in replacing it to keep it working efficiently and maintain its pleasing look. 

On the contrary, replacing the panels in the garage door is more innovative and cost-effective than replacing the entire door.

If some portion of the door or some door panels got damaged, it is better to replace them quickly. You can also avoid more expenses for repairs in the long run. 

Here are the materials and tools you will need in replacing garage door panels:

  • ladder
  • hammer
  • vise clamps
  • ratcheting nut driver
  • power drill and bits
  • knee pads
  • scrap 2-by-4-inch boards
  • four-panel garage-door section

Here is how to get the garage door panel to regain all of its functions and aesthetic look in your garage without renovating or replacing the entire system. 

1. Get the Exact Measurement of the Panel

You need to take the size and the exact measurement of the damaged panel of your garage door and ensure that the dimensions are consistent with the older door panels.

It is also essential to check the design and the shape as you need to replace them with the same ones. 

2. Check if the Garage Door has Safety Features

Replace garage door panel

Before working, ensure that the garage door has safety features. Suppose your garage door has an automatic operation of its opening and closing.

In that case, it is necessary to unplug its connection, not to activate it while you are working on it. Then remove the door spring so that the door will not spring open while doing the task.

Deactivating, unplugging the electrical connection, and removing the door spring are vital steps before starting any work in the garage door for safety.  

3. Remove the Damaged or Old Garage Panel

When the garage door is already safe to work with, you can remove the damage or the old panel portion.

Depending on the construction of the garage door, sometimes it needs to remove the other door panel to reach the part that needs a replacement.

When removing the first door panel, you need to loosen the screw and slowly pull it off track to avoid damaging the other boards and place it on the safe side.

4. Install the Replacement Panel

After carefully removing the damaged panel, you can start installing the new board. In establishing the replacement panel, insert the panel into the roller track, then slowly slide into the roller track to insert it into the slot until its other end touches snugly into the existing door panel.

Depending on the door construction, you can attach it by either screwing, bolting, or caulking. 

5. Reinstall the Other Panels

After successfully installing the replacement panel, reinstall other panels one by one that you first remove in reaching the damaged portion of the garage door.

6. Check the Garage Door’s Function

After reinstalling all the door panels, check or test the garage door functionality. Reinstall the door’s spring and return the power to the garage door controller.

To ensure its operational efficiency and to confirm if all the panels run smoothly in tracks, test the garage door by closing and opening it. 

7. Paint To Match

After ensuring the garage door’s smooth operation, the new replacement panel usually won’t match the color of the existing one, even if it has the same color.

One of the reasons could be due to the exposure to the outside elements or age. It would be better to paint the whole garage door to incorporate the replacement panel seamlessly into the existing door panels. 

A successful DIY project on replacing damaged or old garage door panels is satisfying and can give you that sense of achievement.

These ways will help you replace your door panels and bring your garage door’s aesthetic looks.

When you’re feeling unsure or lacking the skills to tackle this task, don’t hesitate to call on professionals for assistance. You can always rely on Family Christian Doors, a trusted name in garage door installation and repair in Dallas.

They can handle your garage door replacement, ensuring satisfying results. Lastly, always make sure to purchase your products from reputable companies for guaranteed outcomes.

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