25 Most Popular Fireplace Tiles Ideas This Year, You Need To Know

Fireplace Tiles Ideas – Change is inevitable. The decoration trends change with the seasons. Inspiration comes from everywhere and it is hard to predict what will be the next It thing.

House renovations are expensive. It is impossible to change a house completely every season. However, it is possible to make it look fresh with some small changes. The living room is the best place to start the renovations. Some cushions and new decoration will do wonders.

A new color on the walls and curtains will give any space a fresh look. What most people do not consider changing is the fireplace.

The options are endless for a fireplace. You could choose a new tile or add new decoration. Today we will show you 15 fireplace tile ideas to take your living room to the next level.

A fireplace evokes images of cozy days and warm nights. Children think about Santa Claus. It is tradition to hang the stockings every Christmas. Even if it is not functioning, families gather around the fireplace.

It could the opposite and the family do not care about the fireplace. If that is the case, then this project became urgent.

Quality time is essential for families. Having a place for these moments will improve your family’s relationships.

These 15 fireplace tile ideas will help you recover that space that was magical once.

Colors – Fireplace Tile Ideas

colors of tile

The colors change depending on the decoration of your general space. These 15 fireplace tile ideas will teach you how to choose the right color for your project.

1. Bright colors will make the room look wider. If the fireplace is in a small room, use shades of white and cream. Strong colors will make the room overwhelming. The space around the fireplace should be soothing.

2. Dark colors are ideal for spaces where the shades of white are predominant. Perhaps the couch, walls and floor are white. If this is the case, choose a shade of dark blue or even black if it goes with the style.

An alternative for spaces with mostly clear tones is a bold color. Instead of a dark blue, go for bright red tiles. It is risky but these kind of colors give a modern vibe to any space.

In decoration is normal to see combinations of white, black and bright red. It is a fresh and bold combination. The downside to this style is that you will not be able to change it easily.

Working with bright colors is not easy. It does not mean that you should not try it. On the contrary, a strong color will make your space feel fresh.

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Patterns – Fireplace Tile Ideas

patterns of tiles

Patterns are great but often overlooked. People consider it risky and avoid them at all cost. In home decoration, patterns are your best weapon to change a space. As great as they are, you should not abuse patterns. Combining more than two in a space will cause a clash.

3. Bold patterns will give life to a room. The same happens with clothing, a beautiful pattern brings richness. Do not be afraid to pick something different. As long as you like it, then it is fine. Experimenting with home decoration is fun.

4. Conservative patterns will complement a room with strong patterns. If the couch and curtain have unique patterns, choose a discreet one for the tiles.

5. No pattern is also an option, plain colors go well with minimalistic decoration. If you choose to have tiles without pattern, make sure to compliment it with another element in the room. Cushions and curtains are ideal for patterns. Choose the same for both elements to complement your fireplace.

Tiles Vs Other Material – Fireplace Tile Ideas

tile and other matrial

Cabins have beautiful fireplaces made of woods, it goes with the rustic theme. However, wood is not a good material for a fireplace. Hopefully, these 15 fireplace tile ideas will change your mind about the material.

The benefits of tiles are not only aesthetical. Wood gets treated so it can resist the high temperatures but it still is dangerous. Keeping the safety of your family in mind, change from wood to tiles.

6. Refrain from using synthetics materials or wood. These are highly flammable.

7. Tiles are more resistant and not flammable at all. Tiles can resist the high abrasion without damage.

8. If the fireplace is not working, use wood. Without fire the risks decrease. Remember that tiles will always make a room more stylish.

Materials – Fireplace Tile Ideas

matrial of tiles

Probably one of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to a project. Before you choose a material, ask yourself some questions.

What style are you going for? Elegant or modern? Rustic or chic? Each material has its own benefits and go with different spaces.

9. Glass brings calmness to any room. Often used for other rooms like bathrooms or pools, glass will give a unique touch to your fireplace. Glass tiles are good for a contemporary decoration style. It is an expensive material.

10. Terra-cotta is a rustic material, ideal for houses in the countryside. It is a good material that compliments the wooden floor. It is an option for young people with apartments in the city. Terra-cotta brings a carefree vibe.

11. Marble lasts a lifetime. This is a luxurious material that will turn any place into a dream.

12. Granite is a resistant material. Also a great option if you cannot afford marble. When we talk about tiles, granite is the best option.

13. Bricks are not as rustic as terra-cotta but not as luxurious as other materials. It is a stylish middle ground.

14. Mosaic consist on little pieces. The shapes and colors are present at all times. Mosaic brings texture to the fireplace.

15. Pebbles gives a rich texture to the fireplace. Ideal for beach houses.

As we said, tiles are not flammable so it is safe to decorate your fireplace with these. Our 15 fireplace tile ideas show how many options are available for you.


Before you settle for an option, consider your budget. Some materials are more expensive than others. It does not make sense to invest in tiles if you cannot complete the decoration due to a lack of funds. Plan ahead and make sure you have enough for all the materials.


Another factor is the resistance of the materials. Each tile has a resistance level to factors like:

  • Acids
  • Stains
  • Extreme heat
  • Bases
  • High abrasion 

Consider the resistance of a material before purchasing it. How often will you use the fireplace? Do you have children in the house? Are there any pets?

Aesthetic over Functionality – Fireplace Tile Ideas

functional of fireplace

All these factors change the perfect material. The list of 15 fireplace tile ideas talks about the most popular materials. Other options are available. Architects have different resources that use for art deco projects.

A fireplace is the center piece of the room. It is natural to wish for the best looking option. The only problem is that the option you chose is not functional for you.

Putting aesthetics over functions will lead to structural issues. It looks good but after several uses the material loses its richness.

How often do you use the fireplace? If it is constantly lit, consider a resistant material over a luxurious option. Those with high aesthetical value were conceived as decoration. A decorative tile will not resist as well as a tile made for frequent use.

Imagine you have an expensive couch, it is art deco and only 5 pieces are available. This kind of piece will not resist in a house with three children and a dog. The same happen with tiles.

It is a common misconception that a resistant and functional materials are rustic. It would surprise you how beautiful these tiles can be.

Foundation – Fireplace Tile Ideas

foundation of fireplace

Fireplaces get build with resistant materials. It is normal to see that after a house gets demolished, the fireplace is still standing. This are built over materials that resist high abrasion and bricks.

These materials also resist a specific amount of weight. The original material of the fireplace is ceramic but you want to use marble in the next renovation. Marble and granite are heavier than ceramic.

The foundation of the fireplace will get affected by this change of weight. It could collapse after a while. Before any change, it is necessary to study the material that is holding the fireplace.

Perhaps the fireplace was installed as decoration only. Now you are trying to make it functional. In that case, the foundation certainly will need modification.

Changing the structure of the house will require money. If the renovation will cost more than expected, it is time to consider a lighter tile. These 15 fireplace tile ideas include a list of materials.


How hard can it be to put new tiles? The truth is, putting tiles is a tricky work. People that do not have the knowledge should avoid doing it at all cost.

As we mentioned before, changing the tiles requires a study of the foundation. Only a professional can perform the right modification on the base of the fireplace. Choosing the materials requires knowledge.

Hiring a contractor is mandatory if you have not done a similar job before. Investing a little more in the work force will save you future expenses. A contractor will know how to make the fireplace safe and resistant. Those that have electric fireplaces need an expert to do the wiring. Avoid incidents by hiring a contractor.

Another professional that you should contact is an interior designer. These experts know all about trends and styles.

You are sure about the style you want, the designer will teach you how to complement the fireplace. Investing on this renovation is pointless if you do not work on the rest of the room.

Any change will be wasted if the rest of the elements remain the same. Even if the room was recently decorated, some changes must happen. A change as simple as changing the position of the furniture will do.

To Conclude – Fireplace Tile Ideas

conclude of tile

Home renovation has its ups and downs. First, it is necessary to have the right budget. Without enough money to finish the job, the project will become frustrating.

The expectations should stay within the reasonable. It makes no sense to wish for a fireplace made of marble if you only can afford a cheaper material.

The goal should revolve around the budget but it could work the other way around. If your plan includes an expensive tile, purchase the materials gradually.

Once you have all of it, then consider hiring a contractor that can get it done. However, before you buy the tiles, ask for a professional opinion.

A contractor will tell you how much material you need for the whole project. Not buying enough will lead to extra expenses.

Purchase what you need and a little more. Have extra tiles in case of mistakes. If you are doing the renovation yourself, errors are bound to happen. It is better to leave it to the experts.

Take our 15 fireplace tile ideas as a guide to find the style that goes best with your space. Changing a strong element like the fireplace will make your room feel and look fresh. It is a big part of an area and the decoration will revolve around it. Renovating a fireplace will have a high impact in the decoration. Changing the cushions counts as renovating but it is not as surprising.

Once you renovate the fireplace, chances are that you will not do it again. When you decide the style, consider that you will be stuck with it for a long time.

It is great to take risks but avoid it if you do not feel comfortable enough. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a project you will despise.

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