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    23+ Beautiful Lattice Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

    Lattice Fence Ideas – Lattice fences are a great way to give your backyard a beautiful new look. They can be painted or stained in any color, and they come with different patterns that vary from simple to complex.

    Sometimes you might even find lattices with glass panels for an extra touch of elegance!

    If you’re looking for the perfect lattice fence ideas, we have just what you’re looking for – take a look at these 25 pictures and get inspired!

    Best Lattice Fence Ideas

    1. Earthy Privacy Fence

    Earthy Privacy Fence Ideas

    Wood lattice fences are a staple in the fencing industry, and work best when you want to find natural-looking panels that offer maximum privacy.

    This design is made of vertical panels, which makes the fence stand out among other fences. There are many plantations with rustic clay pots that decorate this type of fence harmoniously.

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    2. Brightly White

    white vinyl lattice

    A classic white vinyl lattice is a gorgeous addition to any landscape. The design is simple: square tops with elegantly cut corners.

    When it’s time for some fun outdoor time, you can enjoy a zen moment while relaxing in your backyard.

    With the fence behind you, your family and friends are well-protected from neighbors during their own evening of leisure too!

    Add vibrant greenery for an added aesthetic touch and to give a clear message that nature is being protected here.

    3. Hanging Planters

    Hanging Planters

    This white lattice fence has a vintage pattern and so can be styled with cute blooms or greenery.

    It is also made from vinyl which is long lasting, as well as being resistant to rotting.

    4. Black And White

    Black And White Lattice

    Another lattice fence idea is this one, which combines outdoor block and vinyl in a design with a black and white finish.

    It has a unique look that can make your garden space look more modern.

    5. Vinyl And Concrete Blocks

    Vinyl And Concrete Blocks

    When considering features, a lattice fence is totally a good idea to combine with other materials.

    Mixing the two will allow you to have one with more distinctive designs while providing better security or privacy.

    This fence is made of concrete and vinyl lattice panels. The white finish on both the block construction and the lattice panel adds to it’s beauty.

    6. Japanese Style

    Lattice Japanese Style

    To add a touch of Asian’s beauty, the lattice fence ideas will be an attractive addition to your house exterior.

    To make the fence look more distinctive across its height, and to enhance privacy and provide a broader view beyond the outside world, trees are planted close by.

    7. Green Lattice Fence

    Green Lattice Fence

    This green lattice fence is surrounded by greenery and blends in well with its surroundings.

    8. Decorative Privacy Fence

    Decorative Privacy Fence

    A lattice fence with a screen covered panel to allow a sense of privacy without blocking out the view.

    The top is made from common panels which remains decorative and looks modern. It’s painted grey for an additional layer of style.

    9. Simple Black Fence

    Simple Black Fence Ideas

    A simple lattice fence finished in black. Wooden planters that are also finished in the same color decorate the side of the fence beautifully.

    10. Concrete And Vinyl

    Concrete And Vinyl Fence

    If you want a fence to secure and beautify your home, this idea can be a good reference.

    A tall concrete wall is constructed with the vinyl lattice panel as its top coating. Brown and white in color, this combination looks simply adorable.

    11. Elegant Black

    Elegant Black Fence

    Corresponding to over 70% for vinyl fences, black is still a popular color. The crisscross pattern provides stylish adornment to the space which should interest many.

    12. Simple Rustic

    Simple Rustic Fence

    The rectangular natural wood lattice fence panels offer a nice rustic touch to this backyard.

    It is most noticeable against the green grass on top of the yard. It’s also in keeping with its natural surroundings.

    13. Pergola Gate

    Pergola Gate Fence Design

    The natural-wood fence is surrounded by trees and greenery. The rustic gate in the pergola style completes this backyard perfectly.

    14. Unique Lattice Screen

    Unique Lattice Screen Ideas

    You can even use the picket fence and lattice screen in creative ways to increase privacy.

    The structure is redwood flavored and blends naturally with the gray of the frame on this example.

    15. Arbor Design

    Arbor Fence Design

    The beautiful lattice fence that is designed in arbor form and is finished with white vinyl.

    The lattice has a checkered pattern that provides the fence with an amazing look.

    16. Classy Vintage

    Classy Vintage Fence Ideas

    A lattice fence can beautify any home. It’s a tall white vinyl fence with vintage-inspired features, including an arbor gate and two round lamps.

    17. Colorfully Earthy

    Colorfully Earthy Fence

    Lattice fences can serve as a decorative accent, and this one is finished in cherrywood with checkered patterns and traditional topiaries.

    The yellow flowers around the fence adds a bright splash of color to its appearance.

    18. Floral Decoration

    Floral Fence Decoration

    Lattice fences are often decorated with natural materials, which can make them more appealing.

    Here, a green and white flower has been attached to the fence making it look much better.

    The beauty of this touch is that it provides color while also providing privacy due to its location in the planter.

    19. White Privacy Fence

    White Privacy Fence

    A lattice fence is a good option when you need to secure your property without sacrificing beauty.

    Its crisscross pattern create an attractive, safe barrier between you and the outside world.

    20. Lattice Border

    Lattice Border Fence

    A beautiful lattice fence in a brown finish, this design is enough to enhance the look of your yard without being too elaborate.

    21. Traditional Style

    Traditional Fence Style Ideas

    For you who prefer traditional decor, that lattice fence idea can be a great reference for your if you choose to follow the rustic style.

    The wood with its natural finish creates an authentic look and feel. The panel posts keep the integrity of this interior feature in tact which also makes it easy to maintain while adding a little pizazz.

    22. Light Wood

    Light Wood Fence

    This lattice fence has a natural finish and only works as the topper. This is an excellent addition for adding rustic touches to your backyard design.

    23. Multiple Fence Design

    Multiple Fence Design

    This design incorporates both the popular lattice and plank fences which makes for an undeniably attractive decorative fence.

    24. Decorative Fence

    Decorative Fence Ideas

    A fabulous lattice fence will upgrade your outside living space. This adds a touch of privacy and class to the yard, while adding charm.

    The panels come in natural maple finish and look well with the surroundings. There is also an optional lattice accent which separates each panel for added character.

    25. Light Grey

    Light Grey Fence Ideas

    A light grey color finish on this lattice fence blends nicely with the darker green of both trees and grass.

    Big oak trees cover the front section of this fence, which makes it more private and blocks sunlight from going through.

    Overall, these elements blend together to create a stylish effect for your home’s exterior.


    Lattices fences are popular not only because they add privacy but also bring natural beauty into your backyard or living space.

    They come in different colors like light grey which match nicely with darker greens of trees and grass on this photo above  and have decorative accents that give each panel character (optional).

    There is no limit when it comes to how you want your new fence to look so take some time finding out what will work best for both you and your surroundings!

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