12 Rustic Fence Ideas in Assorted Styles and Feels

Rustic Fence Ideas – Fence is going to frame your adorable garden and make it way more gorgeous. Since garden is full of beautiful flowers and plants, the best material for your garden fencing is wood.

And wood is the right material for rustic fence ideas. Pick one between these extraordinary styles and materials of rustic fence that matches the garden it is going to frame.

Lattice Fencing for Rustic Themed Garden

Lattice Fencing for Garden

When you’re looking for fences that will add beauty and privacy at once, you’re going to love the lattice fences.

This fencing comprises the thin slats that are diagonal and shaped in the crisscross pattern. Crisscross pattern that is creating the holes that look like small squares.

That shape is going to give exceptional outlook for your barrier. Arch style, horizontal, and crosshatch are some styles to choose.

Picket Rustic Fencing with Modern Touch

Rustick fence design

This fencing is symbolizing the Americana, which is ideal life iconic status. When you’re thinking about white colored picket fencing, you’re going to think about nice suburb’s house with kids and pet around the backyard.

Picket fencing is also going to denote peaceful and calm lifestyle. If you need rustic look, get whitewashed wooden picket fence. Modern house can use picket fencing made of PVS.

Rail Rustic Fence Ideas for Much Bigger Yard

Rustic Fence Ideas for Yard

Rail fences usually are used in posts, rails, and also ranches. This fencing is the best option if you have bigger garden and yard to frame.

This traditional fencing has best aspect: it comes in a bunch of styles, heights, and widths. Another good news is, this rustic fencing comes in affordable prices.

Rail fences, whether made of vinyl or woods, need to be maintained constantly in order to prevent rotting.

Chain Link Fencing with Wooden Frame

Fencing with Wooden Frame

For those who are looking for most reliable fences, this one is the answer. Chain link fencing is made of long lasting and strong barbed wire that will protect your property whether permanently or temporarily.

It is quick and easy to install this kind of fencing. Chain link fencing becomes the right option since it is resistant to rain, sleet, and snow. Wooden frames are improving the attractive look of the fences.

Long Lasting Cedar Wooden Fencing

Long Lasting Cedar Wooden Fencing

Cedarwood is one of the softwoods that are used to build the beautiful wooden fencing.

Compared to some other rustic fence ideas, cedarwood has longer lifespan, it can stand for more than 30 years. Cedarwood used to build fencing is naturally resistant, not only to decay but also to insect.

This means fences made of cedarwood are all long lasting and sustainable. Ready to get this one for your garden?

Soft but Strong Pinewood Fencing for Rustic Gardens

Fencing for Rustic Gardens

If you need to build wooden fencing from material you can work easily, pinewood is the right option.

Pinewood comes in stiff texture and it is able to withstand the shock. Look for pinewood that usually comes in lighter color and some creamy shade in white.

But some other pinewood has unique color like yellowish white and super white. You can stain your pinewood easily with any color you desire.

Pretty Oak Wooden Fence That Needs Your Care

Pretty Oak Wooden Fence

Lots of oak wooden fencing have lighter color. But actually, natural oak wooden fencing might come in light beige color, brown tone, and red.

If you want to stain the beautiful oak wooden fencing, pick white and red oak fencing since they’re going to add impressive look around the garden.

Unfortunately, this kind of rustic fence ideas might darken as time flies, because of UV lights and oxygen exposure.

Fresh Cypress Wooden Fencing for Rustic Exterior

Fresh Cypress Wooden Fencing

So many cypress woods come in lighter tone like yellowish brown. Next cypress’s physical feature is the coarse texture on the woods along with the straight grains.

Fences that are made of the younger cypress wood usually are not as durable as the ones made of the older cypress wood.

Just like the cedarwood, fences made of cypress have vivid odor which will cause respiratory irritation.

Redwood as The Most Famous Fencing

Most Famous Fencing

Thousands of fencing are made from redwood. Even though redwood is expensive, it offers aesthetic appeal and quality to frame the garden behind or in front of your house.

Compared to previous woods, redwood is the best option since it is pest resistant and rot resistant.

Yet, you need to beautify your barrier by treating your fence using stain. Staining is preventing the fences from damage and being old.

Cute Rustic Fencing with Colorful Pots

Cute Rustic Fencing with Colorful Pots

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to frame your gorgeous garden only using rustic styled wooden fencing.

Those rustic fence ideas need some touch that are going to enhance the beauty of your yard. Pastel colored flower pots are going to be excellent option.

Hang your small pots filled with plants and flowers on the wooden fencing and see how adorable your rustic garden is going to be.

Adding Some Stones to Rustic Wooden Fencing

Rustic Wooden Fencing Design

Woods might be enough for some people. But you can’t be like them. Improve the natural feels of your garden by combining woods and stones to the fencing.

Framing stone walls with woods for example, is going to create a marvelous rustic look.

Don’t forget to grow some green plants in front of the nature colored stones between the browns of the woods.

Full Color Garden Surrounded by Colorful Frames

rustic fence image

Why staining the wooden fences while you can paint them with cute colors? Don’t hesitate painting your wooden fencing with your favorite colors.

Apply those colors along with some neutral colors like white or grey. To ease you choosing the right colors to paint the wooden fences, look around the house.

Use the colors of your exterior door, exterior walls, and the other exterior ornaments behind the fencing.

Among the entire rustic fence ideas up there, my favorite is the last one. It lets me be creative in creating the most unique fencing ever.

Which one is your style? Don’t be scared in applying the idea to your own garden fencing.

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