7 Modern Home Office Shelving Ideas to Improve Home Office’s Look

A comfortable and organized home office can improve your working performance at home. One of the ways to create an organized office is by applying one of the modern home office shelving ideas below. These shelving ideas don’t only make the office neat, but they are also stylish and eye-catching.

Modern home office shelving is not only about arranging books and work-related items on the shelves. However, it is also about placing decorative items on the shelves.

Check these shelving ideas for home office below to find out the best item arrangement for your home office shelves.

1. Modern Home Office with Ladder Shelving Idea

Modern Home Office with Ladder Shelving Idea

Many modern home office shelving ideas feature space-saving shelves. These shelves are compact and minimalist, as seen in the modern home office above. This home office has two units of ladder shelves.

The home office owner places each unit on the side of a large photo that hangs on the wall behind the desk. Moreover, he decorates the shelves with vases, a ceramic pedestal bowl, jars, books, and a framed photo. He groups them attractively so there is a balance between the two shelves.

2. Wicker-Basket Shelving in Organized Home Office

Modern Home Office Shelving Ideas

This office shelving idea is ideal for you who have many items to store in your home office. The shelf owner places several wicker baskets on these shelves.

Therefore, he can hide his printed documents, books, and office supplies in these baskets. Consequently, his home office will be more organized.

3. Dark Shelving Idea for Home Office

Dark Shelving Idea for Home Office

The dark home office shelving idea above is perfect for you who want to add a masculine vibe to your home office. These built-in shelves are large. Therefore, they offer many spaces for storing your home-office-related items.

However, you had better store these items in the storages under the shelves. Moreover, you must display artistic decorative items, framed printed achievements, leather-bound books, vases, and other attractive items on the open shelves.

4. Shelving Idea for Small Modern Home Office

Shelving Idea for Small Modern Home Office

Modern home office shelving ideas for small offices are typically minimalist and compact. The shelving idea above, for example, only features two floating shelves and a wheeled shelf. However, the shelving idea is attractive thanks to the framed picture and trailing house plant.

5. Balanced Shelving to Improve Home Office Decor

Balanced Shelving to Improve Home Office Decor

The home office above presents a shelving idea that promotes an attractive balanced item arrangement. The shelves in this office also offer excellent functionality because it has many storage options. Moreover, they make the room organized thanks to the wicker baskets.

6. Industrial Metal Shelving in a Modern Rustic Home Office

Industrial Metal Shelving

This modern rustic home office features industrial shelves. They are simple but attractive. Therefore, the minimalist shelving idea is suitable for these shelves. You only need several books and potted plants to decorate these industrial shelves.

7. Stunning White Shelving Idea in Modern Home Office

Stunning White Shelving Idea

White modern office shelving is common in modern home offices. However, you can make these shelves eye-catching by placing unique decorative items on them. Several items you can use to decorate these shelves are antique boxes, a wicker basket, and hats.

Modern home office shelving ideas are typically simple and save-spacing. Therefore, it is no wonder that shelves in modern home offices are not full of items. In addition, many shelves in these offices have balanced item arrangements so they look attractive, despite their simplicity.

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