7 Charming Ottoman Tray Ideas for a Stylish Sitting Area

An ottoman can make a sitting area more comfortable. Having this furniture allows you to rest your feet or sit on it. The ottoman can also function as a coffee table if you place an ottoman tray on the surface of your ottoman. Some charming ottoman tray ideas can improve the ottoman appearance.

Moreover, they can also make your sitting area more stylish. What to put on ottoman tray? You can place various items on this tray, for example, vases, jars, books, and potted plants. Below are ottoman tray coffee table ideas you can apply at home.

1. Unique Ottoman Tray with Greeneries

Ottoman Tray Ideas

This brown ottoman tray has a unique design. Moreover, black vases full of greeneries, ceramic bowls, and other attractive items on this tray create an even more unusual look. As a result, this ottoman tray makes the rectangular ottoman more eye-catching.

2. Oval Ottoman with Stone-Like Tray

Oval Ottoman with Stone-Like Tray

Having a rectangular or round ottoman is common among homeowners. However, an oval coffee table ottoman is rather unusual. Those having this type of ottoman may apply the ottoman tray idea above.

The owner of this oval ottoman places a gray stone-like tray on its surface. This tray color creates an attractive contrast against the cream ottoman. Moreover, the owner arranges a couple of books, a sculptured object, and a small vase or potted plant on this tray.

3. Simple Decoration Idea for Mirror Ottoman Tray

Simple Decoration Idea for Mirror Ottoman Tray

Round ottoman tray ideas on round ottomans are fairly popular. Some people may think that these ideas are too ordinary. However, the ottoman tray idea in this picture is far from ordinary.

There is something elegant in placing a mirror ottoman tray on a brown round leather ottoman. Moreover, the glass vase with greeneries and the empty clay vase are great on this tray. You must consider adopting this ottoman tray idea if you have a rustic living room.

4. Square Ottoman Tray Idea with Throw Blanket

Square Ottoman Tray Idea with Throw Blanket

You can adopt this ottoman tray idea If you want to improve the warm atmosphere in your living room. In creating this idea, you must place an ottoman throw blanket on the ottoman surface.

After that, you can place your ottoman tray on the blanket-covered ottoman. Moreover, you must not forget to decorate this tray. Some items you can use for this decoration are a small potted plant, jars, and a metal decorative item.

5. Eye-Catching Decoration Idea for Large Ottoman Tray

Eye-Catching Decoration Idea

Square ottoman tray ideas on rectangular ottomans are also popular among homeowners. One of the most eye-catching square ottoman tray coffee table ideas is the idea above. It has two attention-grabbing yellow vases with house plants growing in them.

Moreover, it also has an artistic sculpture, books, and beautiful dangling plants. The yellow and green color on this tray matches well with the curtain. In addition, the tray color stands out against the white ottoman.

6. Black Ottoman Tray Idea on a Cowhide Ottoman

Black Ottoman Tray Idea

A cowhide ottoman is attractive and unique. Therefore, a simple ottoman tray idea is enough to make it more stunning.

For example, you can place a black tray on this ottoman and fill it with two white decorative items and black vases full of white flowers.

7. Stunning Ottoman Tray Idea

Stunning Ottoman Tray Idea

This stunning ottoman tray idea is ideal if you want to boost the look of your sitting room. The red ottoman tray will make an ordinary ottoman more attractive. To decorate this tray, you can place a large vase full of colorful flowers and some books on it.

Ottoman tray ideas can transform an ordinary ottoman into an attractive ottoman coffee table. However, you must make sure that you don’t over-decorate your ottoman tray. Therefore, you will have some space to place your coffee cups.

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