The 5 Step Nightstand Styling Formula That Will Make You Look A Pro

Nightstand Styling Formula – There’s nothing more embarrassing than a barren bedside table. Unless you don’t even own a bedside table. In which case, it’s time to take a hard look at your life.

I’ve done both for the last 8 years.

After 7 years of marriage, I only realized in the last few months that my bedroom looked like a college student’s first rental. Minus the weird smells and overflowing laundry. It’s completely utilitarian with no beauty or style.

I’m totally lacking in the nightstand department.

But no more.

Now I’m on the hunt for the picture perfect, you-want-to-drag-every-friend-neighbor-or-stranger-into-your-bedroom styled nightstand.

And I’m giving you the lowdown on exactly how to style your night stand whether you’re a maximalist, minimalist or somewhere in between. Plus I’ve developed a dead simple formula to take your nightstand from boring and neglected to professionally styled and amazingly functional.

Are you neglecting your nightstand just because you’re unsure how to style it? Well, no more! Learn this dead simple 3 step formula for styling your bedside table in no time flat. It works whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist or somewhere in between!

How To Style Your Nightstand To Win Friends & Influence People (Or At Least Make Yourself Happy)

Clear everything off your existing nightstand

Skip this step if you, like me, never gave your side table a second glance.

Determine your style

  • Minimalist: Do you love open space on your walls, tabletops, and floors? Are you constantly purging your belongings so you can have a clean, edited look? If so, you are a minimalist at heart.
  • Maximalist: Do you live by the motto more is more? Do you always bring home another trinket, pillow, vase or awesome find when you go out shopping? Are you always wondering how you’re going to squeeze something into your collection? Then you are a maximalist!
  • Neutralist: Ok, I made that term up, but it sounds good, right? If you find yourself unable to decide between the two stark choices of minimalist and maximalist then you are likely a neutralist.You don’t want your space to feel cold or barren, but you also feel like there’s a definite line to be crossed when it comes to the amount of objects in your home. You think of your house as a highly curated reflection of your personality. You are a neutralist!

Select the number of accessories for your style

  • Minimalist: Choose 2-3 different types of accessories
  • Neutralist: Use 3-4 different types of accessories
  • Maximalist: Pick 5-7 different types of accessories

Choose what accessories you’ll use

Here is the basic breakdown of accessories you’ll use to decorate your nightstand:

  • Lighting: Usually a table lamp, desk lamp or sconce
  • Art: Framed artwork, woven wall hangings or small sculptures
  • Plants: Potted plants like cactus or succulents or cut plants like flowers, branches or twigs
  • Trinkets: Any sort of small object that represents your personality or that you love
  • Dish or Catchall: A decorative tray to hold jewelry, perfume, glasses and more
  • Books: The current ones your reading or ones that are decorative
  • Mirrors: Usually they hang on the wall behind the table, but you could also use small table mirrors
  • Baskets/Bins: These are great for bedside tables that have an open compartment. If yours doesn’t but you still want more room try placing one underneath the table (if it has tall legs) or on the outside of the table.
Your style will most likely help decide what accessories you’ll use in your space. If you’re a minimalist you’ll choose items that are functional and beautiful. If you’re a neutralist you’ll have a little extra room to have items that are “just pretty” and if you’re a maximalist you can have your cake and eat it too.

Layer your accessories

The number one secret to making your nightstand look professionally styled is to layer your objects. You want the space to have dimension, movement, and variable height. There are several ways to layer accessories. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Place your lamp in front of a piece of art that’s leaning against the wall
  • Use a tray to collect a candle, some jewelry, and your perfume
  • Fill a bedside basket with pillows or a throw
  • Put your art in front of a wall mirror
  • Stack your books and place a candle, trinket or small plant on top

The secret to effortlessly chic nightstand styling

To sum it up, the key to a magazine worthy bedside table is:

Knowing Your Style + Accessories + Layering = Picture Perfect Bedside Table Styling

Now go forth! Style, layer and don’t forget to show me your results.

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