8 Best Platform Bed Ideas for Cozier Bedroom

The homeowners usually put the platform under the bed, so the bed will not be placed on the floor. It is a style to prevent the bed from dust and also gives an additional layout for the bedroom. If you love this idea, check out some pretty platform bed ideas below for a cozier bedroom.

1. Small-Leg Platform

Best Platform Bed Ideas

This is a minimalist idea and fits the minimalist concept for the bedroom interior. The platform has four small and short legs for each edge of the bed.

However, the weight of the bed should be a consideration according to the type of leg wood material. It is perfect if you want a low bed.

2. Standard Platform

Platform Bed Ideas

One of the popular platform bed ideas is where the bed is placed on a fixed platform. The platform is higher than the tile and you will find this idea is common in studio apartments.

The height can be different for each style and there are two-step stairs to go to the bed.

3. Non-leg Platform

Non-leg Platform

The non-leg platform is also a common style of platform bed idea for the bedroom. It is a simple design from wood to place the mattress on it.

You don’t need to worry that the bed will fall out. However, there is no room below the bed at all for storage.

4. Storage Platform

Storage Platform

If the size of the bedroom is not large, you can have a platform to store some books or other stuff in it. The platform may be higher and bigger and it has a drawer.

However, you should consider the type of wood to make sure that it is strong enough to hold the load of the mattress.

5. Metal Platform

Metal Platform

The meta platform is a very popular platform for bad ideas. It is simple and easy to move if you are bored with the interior placement.

This style is applicable if you have a tiny bedroom. Below the bed, you can store some stuff. The metal material is strong and durable, but lightweight in general.

6. Twin-bed Platform

Twin-bed Platform

This is a good option that you can apply for the twin bed. One bed is higher than another. Usually, this option is only for a single bed.

The main material of the platform is sturdy wood. The frame for the below platform can be stored when it is not for the bed.

7. Recycled Pallet Platform

Recycled Pallet Platform

The recycled pallet is one of the best platform bed ideas since the execution is easy and cheap. A recycled pallet is a good option since it is made from wood and you can mix-match with the interior by painting it.

8. High-Rise Platform

High-Rise Platform

The high-rise platform is popular if you want a bed that is not that low and to store some stuff under it. The platform can be made from wood with legs or non-legs. Usually, it comes with the bed as a set. It is also easy to clean around the bed. If you buy separates, make sure the size is right.

The platform bed ideas are applicable in a lot of bedroom styles. It is not only an additional layout but also protects the bed itself from dust on the floor. You can choose a lower or higher platform according to the preference and interior style you apply for the bedroom.

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