10+ Most Expensive Woods in the World

Most Expensive Woods – Wood has been used for centuries in different industries. From furniture to building homes, wood is a valuable resource that can’t be replaced by any other material.

In this article, we’re going to explore the most expensive woods in the world.

We’ll discuss what makes them so special and how they are used today. You might even find some new ideas for your next project!

Common Types of Wood

Wood is an organic material that provides support to plant life.

A living plant will typically have a system of tissue that transports water and nutrients from the roots to the branches and leaves. This is called wood in common terms, even if it doesn’t always refer to tree trunks.

The distinction between hardwoods and softwood is an old one, but it’s been made more confusing by the fact that some coniferous trees produce both types of wood.

There are a variety of different hardwoods (cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, walnut) and softwoods (pine, ash, hickory), not to mention beech or birch.

Wood types used for furniture vary depending on the time period and location.

Within a single geographical area certain wood types may be more popular than others, but at times this can change as available forests become depleted or new species come into contact with native trees.

Desirable Exotic Woods

Demand of expensive wood varies and prices can fluctuate from one year to another.

The value of wood primarily depends on the board foot measurement, but there are also instances when lumber is priced per kilogram.

Those who enjoy working with wood as a hobby and those who make their livelihood through the craft afford to pay attention to prices.

10 Most Expensive Woods in the World

1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood tree

Sandalwood is one of the most famous woods for its smell and workability.

Sandalwood is sought-after because of its rare fragrance. Apart from that, it is widely used in the cosmetics industry for a wide range of purposes.

Sandalwood is a durable hardwood that can be turned into various objects such as chairs and tables.

It has been abused in illegal markets, leading to it being the primary commodity there. Each pound of sandalwood costs $370 on average.

2. Ebony Wood

Ebony Wood Tree

Ebony is often considered the strongest wood in the world; it’s a challenge to work with.

Ebony has a rich form when finished and is common on pianos, pool cues and other small items.

Ebony wood is hard to rot and contains a glossy finish that does not require any varnish. It costs 120$ per foot.

3. Lignum Vitae

Most Expensive Woods in the World

For centuries, lignum vitae was one of the rarest woods on earth. Its oil content is among the highest in nature and makes it ideal for finishing products like wood stains and varnishes.

The wood is usually manufactured with a perfect flavor, making it easy to shape.

It also provides an entire range of hues. The rate can be quite high–about $90 per foot on average.

4. Bocote Wood

most exspensive wood

The bocote wood gives a sensational touch and can be used in many items. It’s sought by many ever since it offers both great looks and extreme functionality transforming any build to an artwork.

Bocote is also considered a beautiful type of wood, but it has one strange quirk – it changes color when exposed to light. The price for bocote per foot is 32.99 USD.

5. African Blackwood

African Blackwood tree

African Blackwood’s name suits its jet-black appearance. This wood is easy to cut with straight grain and high durability.

Recognized as the hardest wood in the world, it comes at a cost that would make most people balk.

The craftsman’s creativity rewrites the raven log into guitars, flutes, and oboes. It also appears in pieces of furniture all around the world.

Among the best woods for outdoor use, black wood is known as being particularly resilient to heat and it costs 31 USD per foot.

6. Bubinga Wood

Bubinga Wood Tree

Nearly all woodworkers know about the variety of colors and various tones from Bubinga wood. It’s often applied in robust projects that require wide pieces of lumber.

Bubinga is one of the most expensive woods due to its durability and strength. It costs $18.99 per foot, making it a great option for furniture construction like desks, dressers and tables.

7. Dalbergia Wood

Dalbergia Wood tree

Acoustic guitars are pricey, but don’t miss out on Dalbergia. This wood has been used for the majority of acoustic guitars being produced in the last few decades; it’s a favorite with many parts of the world for furniture and other goods as well.

Aside from its exotic look, this wood is often used for flooring. Tanned Dalbergia goes for 14-16 USD per foot.

8. Purple Wood

Purple Wood Tree

Purplewood is a unique type of wood that originates from the purpleheart tree.

The color changes colors depending on temperature and wears to almost gray when it becomes too cold, then bluey-purple in various shades with increasing heat.

To add a deep eggplant color to the wood pieces, wait another 10-15 minutes for them to dry.

So if you spent $12 per foot on purple wood, your piece will look like it came from the finest furniture store.

9. Bloodwood

most exspensive tree

Bloodwood is a hardwood that even though it isn’t used often for furniture, can still be found in people’s homes.

It is fit to last long-term and has some protection against damaging elements like insects or water.

Bloodwood also tends to be less expensive than other exotic woods such as ebony i.e., $11 per foot.

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10. Pink Ivory Wood

Pink Ivory Wood tree

Due to its even grain and the ability to be applied in different forms, pink ivory is one of the most valuable pieces of wood.

This wood can be used for varied purposes such as billiard cues and knife handles. It comes with a beautiful rosy color from which it gets its name.

Though pink ivory comes in different shades, it’s most famously known for its deep red and brownish pink varieties. It usually costs $7-8 USD per foot.

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