8 Pool Cabana Ideas to Make Your Backyard the Envy

A pool cabana undoubtedly makes your backyard more luxurious. The semi-enclosed structure on the poolside provides a shady lounge to unwind and flex your muscles while enjoying the outdoor situations. Here’s a collection of pool cabana ideas to inspire you.

1. White Pool Pergola Cabana

White Pool Pergola Cabana

Make your poolside cabana pop with the white color palette. Not only does the neutral color create an instant focal point, but also it highlights the other elements including the exotic hanging light and greeneries. This minimalist structure is paired with pergola roofing that adds a nice pattern.

2. Stained Wood Cabana with Sheer Curtains

Stained Wood Cabana with Sheer Curtains

This classic pool cabana has a warm, relaxing, and friendly feel, with cozy and plush armchairs. The structure is designed with a wooden enclosure on one side, paired with sheer curtains on the left and right sides. The front side that is opened to the pool allows you to enjoy the outdoor view.

3. Luxurious Poolside Cabana with Cozy Seating

pool cabana ideas

Building a cabana that fits your house style can create a cohesive look to improve the value of your property. If you have a modern and luxurious house, this is one of the pool cabana ideas that can be a perfect option to complement your outdoors.

Using curtains on all sides, it is equipped with an area rug, modern seating, and a low poolside table that ensures your convenience.

4. Tropical Cabana with Rattan Woven Furniture

Tropical Cabana with Rattan Woven Furniture

This cabana offers a tropical vibe with pergola roofing and sheer curtains on the left and right sides. The open poolside structure includes rattan woven furniture with sharp-colored cushions that highlight the exotic feel. There is also an aesthetic hanging light to make it enjoyable day and night.

5. Cabana Daybed for Romantic Lounging

Cabana Daybed for Romantic Lounging

If you are looking for small pool cabana ideas, this canopied daybed should be on your list. This awesome outdoor furniture piece with tie-back curtains serves as a perfect place for snuggling and taking a nap with your loved ones.

6. Semi-Enclosed Pool Cabana

Semi-Enclosed Pool Cabana

When you need some privacy, a semi-enclosed structure can be the best pool cabana ideas. Designed with three walls and an open front, it makes you feel safe and secure when lounging outside. Complement the space with outdoor chairs and a table in the same style.

7. Cozy Cabana with Changing Room

Cozy Cabana with Changing Room

This wooden cabana can make a new statement on your poolside. The architecture includes two posts on one side and a changing room on the other side. The free space in between serves as a lounging room with wooden seating and a ceiling fan. There are also planters that nicely match the seating.

8. Wood Flooring for Platform Cabana

Wood Flooring for Platform Cabana

Make your cabana slightly higher than the poolside flooring with this wooden platform idea. The traditional cabana is covered with curtains and left open on the other sides. It also includes vintage wall sconces that elevate its value.

Depending on your house style and pool size, you can customize these pool cabana ideas with other facilities such as a TV, mini bar, and even a kitchen. In addition, consider your budget so the project doesn’t break the savings.

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