10 Most Popular Light for Stairways Ideas, Let’s Take a Look!

Light for Stairways – Have you ever imagined walking on the stairway to heaven? Have you ever wondered how it feels? Well, it only happens in movies. However, you can still experience the feeling of it by installing lighting along the stairway.

Read on to find 17+ extraordinary light for stairway ideas that can turn your dull stairway into a heaven-like one.

Fiery Staiway Lighting

light fixtures for stairways

Lighting is a crucial element of every house. It can get rid of the dark in no timeso that you can see things clearly.

Therefore, installing lighting along the stairway can be a great idea because not only will it light the stairway up so that you will not slip when climbing up or down the stair, but also make the stairway look more beautiful.

This stairway looks like being on fire due to the LED strip lights installed on both sides of each tread. Since the LED lights are expossed, the golden light freely spreads throughout the stairway and the walls, adding the touch of elegance.

And the most important thing is the strip LED light that lends bright light guiding your steps when having a night jaunt to downstair.

Pendant Lights For Stairway

staircase ideas for split level home

If you want to add classic touch into the modern style of your house, hanging some pendant lights can be your best bet.

The hanging lights can provide impeccable lighting that spreads throughout the stairway and even some parts of the ground floor.

It is definitely more efficient and you can save more energy. As a result, you will be able to cut down on electricity charges.

This stairway lighting idea emphasizes on its function rather than its appearance. But, why don’t you get both of them?

Instead of hanging fluorescent lamps only, you can accentuate the look of the lamps by putting them into some clear jars hung over the stair. It will add a classic and romantic ambiance to the stairway.

Tiny LED Step Lights

stairways colour ideas

Being small is not always bad. In fact, some incredible things begin with small things, just like this stairway lighting that guides you to your deck especially when it is getting dark.

This stairway looks awesome with those tiny lights that look glowing in the dark. In spite of the small size, the LED lights provide sufficient lighting that ensures your safety when climbing the stairway.

Besides providing safety, these tiny lights are visually amazing. They complement the white and brown steps very well.

White Recessed LED Light for Stairway

staircase ideas for small spaces

If you think that installing lights in every step entails time-consuming project due to the details, installing recessed LED lights into the wall adjacent to the stairway will be the best choice.

Recessed lights in the wall provide sufficient lighting to the steps although you only bulid four or five lights. The dim light creates an elegant and a romantic ambience to the entire room near the stairway.

The white light blends perfectly with the dark gray carpet stairs, creating an impeccable look to the stairway. This is such a brilliant idea to embellish the interior design of your house and take it to the next level.

Sunny Light in The Dark

stairways colour ideas

When looking at this picture, your attention is automatically grabbed by that conspicuous light that looks like a shining sun.

The interesting part of this light is it can provide sufficient lighting needed by the dark stairway by itself. The light produced by that LED lamp creates distinctive pattern to the wall, making it a nice focal point.

Some LED lights are also installed on each step of the stairway to avoid any accidents happening due to the dark.

Besides, those LED lights lend an extraordinary look to the stairway. Since the steps are made of natural stone that looks sleek, the lighting of the LED is reflected very well.

Christmas Stairway Lighting Idea

stairway banister ideas

Christmas is the moment on which you gather with your family and friends while enjoying feast and the twinkle lamps adorning the christmas tree.

Christmas is always synonymous with lots of lights. People even put some lights along the stairway railing to jazz the stairway up.

The railing of this stairway is adorned with red ribbons, green pine leaves, and some Christmas tree lights.

The lights shine brightly among the dark, creating a dim and romantic touch to the room. The dim light produced by the christmas tree lights also add a peaceful ambience.

Decorating the railing using christmas tree lights is just a piece of cake since they are not permanently installed. Installing the lights does not need particular electrical technician skills.

You only need to harness the power of your imagination to arrange top-notch lighting for your stairway in the Christmas’ eve.

Violet Blue Stairway Lighting Idea

best light for stairwell

LED strip lights are so versatile that you can install them in any parts of your house to accentuate the interior design in no time.

The good news is this kind of lighting is available in various kinds of colors that can meet your requirements and styles very well.

The violet and blue LED strip lights have perked the stairway up with their vivid colors. They are just perfect for modern houses that tend to use bold colors because they complement the interior design perfectly.

In addition to being visually attractive, these lights are such nice guides that help you to travel through the stairway at night.

Blue Clear Glass Stairway Lighting

staircase ideas for tiny houses

If you are really into futuristic style, this stairway lighting idea may be what you are looking for. The treads are made of clear glasses which provide glossy and sleek look that are usually synonymous with futuristic style.

By using clear glasses, the treads will still look awesome during the day time despite the absence of LED lighting.

To create bright blue lights that glow stunningly in the dark, you can install blue LED lights or just LED strip lights right on the edges of each tread.

The fantastic blue will be highlighted perfectly through the clear glass as if you were climbing stairway to heaven.

Green Floating Stairway Lighting Idea

hanging light fixtures for stairways

When you are looking at this stairway, some of you might think that they are floating. The truth is they are not floating, they are just mounted treads that attach against the wall.

The clear glass with green lights that can glow in the dark denotes futuristic styles that tend to be minimalist and devoid of decorations.

These green treads will definitely hold the dimness at bay in that the LED strip lights glow brightly in the dark.

You will not need any additional lighting since they are just an impeccable guide for your trip through the stairway during the night. Now you will not stumble over the tread anymore.

Round Fluorescent Stairway Lighting

staircase ideas for tiny houses

Stairway lighting ideas are not only about providing sufficient lighting for safety. In fact, lighting the stairway up has turned into a prominent style that many homeowners really take it into consideration.

Some stairways are built in the different directions. Therefore, you will find some unoccupied spaces that need to be adorned.

Instead of overwhelming the stairway with some decorations and LED strip lights, why don’t you try some lights with certain patterns?

As you can see in the photo, to accentuate the stairway, some round fluorescent lights are hung meticuluosly to create artistic look.

The lamps comes in various sizes and they are hung on different height which turns out very well.

Overstated Stairway Lighting

stairways colour ideas

This stairway is overstated in a positive way. Recessed lights are installed along the treads. There are also some recessed lights installed in the wall adjacent to the stairway.

To make the stairway look brighter, some other lights are installed above it. Now you can imagine how bright the stairway is.

This bright stairway is not only practical but also visually appealing. With lots of lights installed in this stairway, you will not walk among the dimness anymore.

Sparkling Lights for Stairway

painting a stairway ideas

Bring the joy of summer festival into your house by installing sparkling LED lights that look like fireworks.

The tiny sparkling lights create a spectacular sparkling effect along the stairway. They will definitely amaze everybody who climbs up the stair.

Although these tiny LED lights produce sparkling effects, they still do what they have to do – guiding your steps so that you will not get any accident due to the lack of lights.

In addition to the sparkling lights, some electric blue LED strip lights are installed along the railing, accentuating the plain railing. Besides, they also provide lighting that glows in the dark so that you can see things around you clearly.

Glowing Green LED Stairway Lighting

staircase ideas diy

This stairway is so dark that you cannot see anything there which can put you at risk. You definitely need to add some lights over the stairway for the visibility.

However, this stairway also lacks decorations which make it look boring. It does need embellishing. If you can do both of them at the same time, why do you have to waste your time and energy on fixing one of them?

These green LED lights can help you overcome your problem. The glowing green lighting is conspicuous among the dark.

You can still look at your steps although you are surrounded by dark. Installing these green lights provide the touch of futuristic style in your house.

Cinema Lighting for Stairway

painting a stairway ideas

When you are in a cinema to watch a movie, you surely know how dark it is inside the cinema. It is so dark that you cannot see anything, let alone finding your seat. But this cinema has a bright solution for your problem.

The combination of recessed LED lights installed on the edge of each tread and violet strip LED lights makes a top-notch combo for stairway lighting.

They create very bright lighting that can be a perfect guide inthe dark. The bright blue lighting spreads throughout the cinema. Well, it only shines the seats near the stairway, but it is better, isn’t it?

Glaring Hidden Lights

stairway ideas basement

Modern houses tend to be minimalist. You will not find any sophisticated decorations that adorn the interior, but it does not mean that the interior design of a modern house has to be dull.

You can still add some adornments to your minimalist house, but you have to make sure that they remain simple.

One of the simple yet adorable adornments for your modern house is cove lighting. Installing cove lighting along the stairway can add elegant atmosphere to your house.

The bright lighting is reflected by the plain wall, making it look like the glaring sun. Although the treads and the wall are dull with no patterns at all, the bright light perfects them well.

Classic Fluorescent Lamp for Stairway Lighting

hanging light fixtures for stairways

Lighting your stairway up does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. You just need to remember your objective of light it up – providing sufficient lighting for your safety.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with installing a fluorescent lamp on the ceiling so that you can ditch the dark.

Fluorescent lamp can provide sufficient lighting to what is beneath it. You only need to install a fluorescent lamp in the right place so that it can spread its light throughout the stairway.

Although it is not as elegant as recessed lighting and strip LED lights, it can still help you to brighten up the stairway.

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Blind LED Handrails

stairways colour ideas

Instead of installing strip LED lights that illuminate various colors throughout the staircase, you can try another awesome lighting idea – blind LED handrails.

The LED lights function as the handrails of the staircase, providing dim light that guides you during your night trip through the stairway. This kind of lighting is suitable for any modern house since it will not overwhelm the minimalist look.

There are lots of things that you can do to light your stairway up as well as enhancing its appearance. But if you have not found the best idea yet, you can apply one of the above 17 extraordinary light for stairways and tweak it a bit to suit your taste well.

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