7 Jaw-dropping Rain Shower Ideas You Must See

Bathroom is a perfect place to flex your muscles after a bone-breaking day. The idea of installing rain shower allows you to enjoy a different sensation for the best bathing experience. Luckily, there is plethora of rain shower ideas to bring your bathroom to the next level.

Rain shower offers a unique look to the shower cabin while giving a quick relax to your tense muscles. Featuring shower heads in a variety of sizes and designs, water flow can be adjusted to your preferences.

We have collected 7 rain shower bathroom ideas that will inspire you, so check this out!

Simple and Minimalist

minimalist and modern bathroom


This shower idea comes simple, making it a perfect piece for a minimalist and modern bathroom.

Wall mounted rectangular shower head allows easy adjustment in height so it can easily meet your needs. It is designed to allow smooth water flow that promotes relaxing sensation to your shower time.

Fresh Rain Shower with Light Effect

Fresh Rain Shower with Light Effect

Gain a fresh and unique look by adding light effect on the shower head. Beautiful lighting combined with water flows promotes a sense of relaxing.

Overall design is magnificent, thanks to glass shower cabin that exposes marble walls as well as ceiling. Combine with mosaic tiles to avoid slippery floor.

Mediterranean Rain Shower Bathroom

Mediterranean Rain Shower Bathroom

If your bathroom adopts Mediterranean style, this idea is possibly the best option. Unlike glass shower cabin, this bathroom design uses wall- separated space to ensure your privacy.

As one of creative rain shower ideas, it elevates your bathing experience with a real feeling of outdoor rain shower.

Ethnic Shower Cabin

Ethnic Shower Cabin Ideas

A shower cabin with ethnic look is a great way to boost your mood after tough workdays.

Relax your muscles and feel the tepid water that falls into your body. Featuring an oval shower head, decorated floor, and transparent shower curtain just makes this bathroom one of a kind.

Centered Rain Shower Idea

Rain Shower Design

Studio apartment bathroom typically comes with small size but it shouldn’t discourage you to install rain shower head.

This centered rain shower idea has a simple look with smooth water flow, making it perfect for massage. If you wish to have a simple bathroom, ceiling rain shower is for you.

Timeless Rain Shower

Creative Timeless Rain Shower

This is another level of modern bathroom. Timeless shower head is perfectly installed on the ceiling, creating a simple and minimalist look to the given space.

The best of all, it lets you save water while flexing your muscles. If you don’t like too many accessories, it suits you best.

Rain Shower Waterfall

Best Rain Shower Waterfall

Whether you want to enjoy waterfall or rain shower, this shower idea has you covered. Thanks to multifunction shower head that enables you to enjoy different water flow as you wish, either waterfall or rain.

Natural stones floor accentuates eco-friendly nuance, not to mention it helps promote your health.

Many homeowners opt to install rain shower for its health benefit as well as visual attraction. There are plenty of rain shower ideas to choose from, including top 7 ideas above that will transform your bathroom into the most relaxing spot at home.

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