13+ Gorgeous Shower Room Ideas to Upgrade Your Abode

Big or small, shower room should be soothing and serene. When it lately gets drab, unloved and dull, you need to revitalize your private haven immediately. Avoid this area from lacking of design with our cool shower room ideas. And you will thank us later because it is not feeling uninspiring anymore.

1. Red and White

red and white shower

If you want to take a bath in an attractive contemporary bathroom, say no more. Because the combination of red and white will catch your eye instantly. In this shower room, the vibrant tone strikingly accentuates the neutral palette.

Candy apple red mosaic tiles are used for floor and toilet backsplash. Moreover, they give nice contrast to the white tiled-wall, door and cabinet. The final outcome seriously couldn’t be more alluring.


Red can be mixed with nearly unlimited space color schemes.

White is able to tone down the intense shade.


Darker red hues are not recommended due to their gloomy effects.

Too much red might go overboard.

2. A Sense of Rustic

rustic shower room

For you who love creating a peaceful atmosphere with the imperfections, this rustic decor is worth to try. Brown brick-tiled walls bring you back to the simpler life. They also look so timelessly stunning.

The frosted glass window is designed to provide the extra privacy. Not only that, vintage black shower matches with the whole lavatory. And the clawfoot tub is such a trendy centerpiece.


It exudes relaxing and welcoming ambience.

Brick walls are durable, economical and fire-resistant.


The construction process is time-consuming.

Cleaning the brick wall surfaces is a tough job.

This idea is only suitable for townhouse and traditional architecture.

3. Grey Subway

Grey subway

As one of the most favorited tones in the decade, you never go far wrong with grey. Trust us, your bathing chamber will be much more stylish. The glossy grey subway tiled-walls prove that their patterns are so elegant and classic at the same time.

Huge glass window brings more sunlight into the space. Furthermore, the long vanity is also painted in grey, but in the deeper hue. Two hanging artworks do their tasks to grab your attention.


It is great for people who focus on utter simplicity.

Grey will never appear outdated.

Subway tiles can enhance the other decorative elements.


Some people may think grey is really monotonous.

Subway tiles probably reach the saturation point.

4. Personal Spa

personal spa shower idea

Unwind your restless mind by getting pampered in this wet room. To transform yours into spa-like bathroom, you should opt for the right scheme and materials. For instance, keep the area minimalist and use wooden shower floor, mosaic tiled-wall, rolled towel, and transparent glass doors.

For spa area, there are white rectangular bathtub and wall-mounted wooden cabinet. Then, a round crystal chandelier is hung to deliver a sumptuous air. This tranquil and awakening shower room is what you have asked for, right?


Your room has pure, clean, and spa setting.

The lavatory becomes your own hideaway.


Changing a bathroom into spa is such daunting project.

5. Marble’s Power

marble shower

We bet your visitors would be envy seeing your marble wet room. This lavish natural stone awesomely adds depth and personality to the shower wall. Plus, it is also spotted throughout the floor.

Beige marble along with glass shower enclosure make this wet room so polished and remarkably posh. The rest of the room is kept in white shade. Look at the built-in storages for toiletries. They are very functional and enticing.


Marble depicts visibly aesthetic impacts on any interior.

It can last for ages.


This royal material is prone to cracking and chipping.

Too pricey for people on a budget.

6. The Charm of Mediterranea

the charm

The richness of this design essentially comes from Mediterranea countries like Italy, Spain, and Greece. It always echoes the beauty of sky and sea. That’s why you can notice outstanding navy Spanish tiles on the bathroom’s wall.

In addition, a Cerulean tiled-floor complements this bathing space. The glass enclosure and the downlights turn it into a bright lavatory.

While fixed head shower gives you the most indulgent bath experience. Long corner marble bench offers maximum comfort to you.


Spanish tiles are aesthetically appealing.

You do not have to decorate your shower room anymore.


Intricate motifs of Mediterranean tiles overpower tiny area.

7. Asian’s Influence

asian's Influence

In the current times, an Asian decor is seeping into all modern spaces. It strongly emphasizes on balance and peaceful forms. So, it is your chance to unleash its understated magnificence.

In this Japanese-themed wet room, wooden bathtubs marry harmoniously with black ceramic floor and walls. On the other hand, a dark hardwood floor and paper screens in dry area welcome you with their Zen-like aura. The glass enclosure is supremely eye-catching too.


It takes you to the uncluttered oasis.

This style optimizes the use of room.


You might don’t get the Asian wooden bathtubs easily.

8. Nordic Design

nordic design for shower

Fan of a Scandinavian homes? Definitely, you are able to recognize their common features such as clean lines, sleek style, and exclusively white space. But don’t underestimate this practial and basic decor.

As you can see from ceiling to the floor, all is white. Interestingly, it has glass wall and doors. That means there are lots of light and bits of scenic nature.

Then, pedestal sink and tankless toilet exhibit their minimalisms. LED strip lights under and over the cabinet highlight the space in mesmerizing way.


It goes well with pocket-sized home.

This design trend tucks your shower room into somethingvisually larger, mess-free, openand airy.


Nordic bathroom possibly seems boring and plain.

9. Beach-inspired Shower Room

Beach-inspired shower room

Who knew you can inject your washroom with tropical vibes? This two-tone fresh lavatory signifies you will constantly dreams of sea, sand and blue sky. Top of the wall is painted in light blue, while the bottom part is made from white subway tiles.

Tan shower floor entirely mimics the beach sand. On the other side, you will step on colorful pebble floor. Frameless glass doors make you completely feel relaxed. And the hanging painting always reminds you of laid-back and fun atmosphere.


It changes your powder room into a lovely seaside retreat.

Your wet room looks so lively and playful.

River rock pebbles are such environment-friendly materials.


The pebble floor may develop cracks.

10. Industrial Punch

industrial punch for shower

If you adore the visual balance between wood and steel, industrial decor is the best model for you. In this washroom, everything is kept basic. For the floor and wall, the homeowner selects concrete ones.

Additionally, it has captivating glass doors. To illuminate this factory-like bathing space, vintage industrial pendant lights are suspended on the ceiling. Here, you quickly could notice exposed red wires as well.


It uses humble and simple materials around you.

This decor is truly inexpensive.


Too many industrial fixtures are chaotic for tiny space.

Without adding natural textures, this design will lead to cold setting.

11. Glitter’s Work

Glitter’s Work for shower room

Never overlook the minimalist shower area. Because it can be powerful too with the help of a glittering mosaic tiled-wall. These sparkly golden tiles absolutely reflect the light.

Plus, they add some amazing shine to any bathroom. They really pull the space together. Since they are already dazzling, you can go for beige-colored floor. Then, your wet room must be adorned with glass doors.


Those mosaic tiles have an ornate look.

They occupy a small shower room in an exquisite way.


Mosaic tiles shall be installed by professional.

Glittering tiles can break your bank account.

12. Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal shower ideas

If you are into ultra-modern person, you surely will fall in love with corrugated metal shower walls. Be surprised because your bland walls appear so fresh, neat, and shimmering now.

To enhance your whole lavatory, install double glass windows. They bring the sunlights in and provide you a good amount of natural brightness. How’s about the privacy? Go for shower curtain. Your washroom is spa-worthy without doing major renovation.


Your walls are extremely waterproof.

It is such easy and cheap choice.

The corrugated metal sheets are durable and fire-resistant.


Corrugated metal cannot support heavy wall hangings.

Metal stalls might cause condensation and if you don’t adress this issue, your drywall gets damaged.

13. Indoor and Outdoor

Indoor and Outdoor for shower

When the indoor and outdoor elements marry together, the combo is extremely fascinating. In this bathroom, the natural touches present in the forms of brown wooden bath mat, wooden ceiling, potted plant, and tree branch ornament.

Furthermore, wood-like porcelain tiles are spotted in the bathing zone. While the quartz floor is installed in the shower area.

Free-standing sink vanity, curbless shower, square mirror and rectangular bathtub make this space feel complete. Everything is tastefully designed here.


Infusing your indoor shower room with outdoor decorative objects creates a supremely cozy ambience.

Plant can liven up any space and boost your mood.

You seemingly have al fresco washroom.


You must take care for your indoor plant like watering and fertilizing it.

Several tree branch ornaments will be dreadful


If your brilliant juices didn’t flow before, we guarantee this case does not happen to you now. Get inspired with those shower room ideas and plan your dream personal sanctuary soon. We can’t wait to know the result.

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