6 Reasons That You Need A Dedicated Outdoor Space

Everybody needs their own dedicated outdoor space. But what is a ‘dedicated outdoor space’? The term refers to an outdoor space that’s exclusively yours. It’s a space that nobody else has access to, other than members of your household.

A dedicated outdoor space doesn’t have to be a backyard or balcony, it could even be a little patch of woodland that you have purchased, far away from your house.

This post will tell you six reasons why you need to get yourself a dedicated outdoor space, and what the benefits of having one are:


Dedicated Outdoor Space

If you are interested in space, then having a dedicated outdoor space can make it easier for you to study astronomy. You won’t have to stand by your window with a telescope, hunched over and in pain.

If you intend on studying space, then it’s also a good idea to invest in a moonrise and moonset calendar, so that you can track the moon’s movements. You should also purchase a chart detailing the different stars so that you know what to look for.

Astronomy is a very interesting hobby, but it can be hard to practice when you don’t have an outdoor space to go. You don’t even need a particularly large outdoor space to practice it, you just need somewhere that’s private and that allows you to get a clear look at the night sky.


Sunbathing can be very relaxing, but not when you don’t have a dedicated outdoor space. A lot of people who don’t have gardens go to public parks to sunbathe, but find themselves being stared at by passers-by, which can be very uncomfortable.

This is especially true for women who are sunbathing. A dedicated outdoor space will give you somewhere to put down a towel and catch some rays, without having to worry about somebody staring at you.

Additionally, public parks sometimes allow dogs off of the leash. Every sunbather at least once has had a dog trample their blanket and jump all over them when they are trying to unwind.


Sometimes people don’t want to go outdoors to sunbathe or watch the sky, they just want to relax. A dedicated outdoor space gives you somewhere private to listen to the sounds of nature and even meditate.

Meditation is an ancient art and is the cornerstone of several spiritual religions. If it is something that you are interested in taking up then you should definitely consider meditating outdoors.

Outdoor meditation can help you to feel more grounded and connected to the earth around you, which is the main aim of many schools of meditation. Yoga’s also worth taking up, for the same reason.


Sometimes it’s nice to get outdoors and read. If you enjoy reading books, then a dedicated outdoor space can give you somewhere private to read your favorite book.

It’s especially nice to get outdoors and read on a summer’s day. If you are going to go outdoors and read then all you need is a chair or a bench.

It’s impossible to focus on one’s book in a public park however because there is usually so much going on. You don’t need a large outdoor space to read, you can even use a balcony.



As mentioned throughout this article, your own dedicated outdoor space is somewhere private for you to relax. You don’t have to worry about anybody looking at you or anybody intruding upon your good time.

The only people you do have to worry about disturbing you are your family if you share your outdoor space with them.

With that said, if you own your house, you can just tell your family to stay out of the garden when you are out there, doing whatever it is that you are doing. Privacy is one of the main advantages of having a dedicated outdoor space.


Finally, having your own outdoor space means that you can take up gardening. Gardening is very therapeutic and can be used to cure a broad range of mental health disorders.

In addition to being therapeutic, gardening allows you to grow your own food. Considering the ongoing cost of living crisis, the ability to grow one’s own food is not to be laughed at or overlooked.

If you are going to take up gardening then it is a very good idea to do your research and learn how to do it first. A lot of people rush into gardening, which ends up with them making mistakes.

A dedicated outdoor space can change your life. It can give you somewhere to pursue hobbies, relax, and enjoy nature. You don’t need a large outdoor space, although, for some of the points put forward in this post, it does help.

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