12 Top Basement Furnace Room Ideas

A basement is a great place that some people change to be more functional. Some people make it as a furnace room to heat the whole house when it’s winter. Before you go with this option, finding some basement furnace room ideas will help you to remodel the basement.

This room is important when you know how to remodel it. A basement is a good place to have a cozy living room, library, or even home theater. Don’t let your furnace ruin your basement look. Here are some ideas to apply.

Best Basement Furnace Room Ideas

1. Industrial style


Having a furnace room and laundry room in an industrial style is iconic. The basement installation will be more functional, but you have to consider the type of washing machine that will be installed. The chamber will create heat for the whole apartment, and it’s all about safety.

The chamber can be put next to the window, while the rest of the room is decorated into a laundry room. Don’t think about buying anything if you can DIY your own stuff from cans, wood, etc. Make sure the room has good ventilation so it won’t invite rust too soon.

2. Minimalist

Basement Furnace Room Ideas

These basement furnace room ideas seem more popular nowadays because it doesn’t make your basement look boring. Minimalist with all-white colors all over the room will create a homie atmosphere. Hence, creating a laundry area in the furnace room isn’t bad at all.

Start with all-white paint for the wall and ceiling. Lighting and laundry tools should be white too. This color has reason to choose, so you can spot dirt and dust easily. The more you are keen to clean the furnace room, this basement will less maintenance especially the chamber.

3. Food storage room


Storing the food in the furnace room, why not? It’s not like a kitchen where you put all the utensils there, but more the food in sacks and cans such as cereal, rice, etc. As long as this basement furnace room ideas stay clean, your food is safe from uninvited guests like rats and cockroaches.

However, it’s better to have more storage, so you don’t place the food on the floor. Arrange all the food in the storage, so the coldness from the basement floor won’t affect its quality. Stay them away from the chamber since it’s radiating heat and will affect the food.

4. Country chic

Basement Furnace Room

The house with the country chic idea is another simplicity that people got for other than minimalist style. It’s mixed from both ideas, with stuff from country chic but all-white like a minimalist one. This option is perfect for creating a laundry area in your basement furnace room.

Since the furnace room at home will barely be visited unless it’s winter or for maintenance, the laundry area will jep you visit the basement more. The cleanliness of the room is not only for the sake of your laundry, but also the condition of your chamber.

5. Homie hidden theater

Basement Furnace Room Ideas

A home theater is best placed in the main house, but you can create one in your basement. Using one of the basement furnace room ideas is a great option because it won’t create fog and stay clean all the time. Furnace should be placed next to the wall or in a mini closet.

When you don’t use a furnace to heat the room, it’s better to close it, so this part will be more aesthetic. Meanwhile, the rest area is decorated just like a home theater, with a big screen on the wall, a cozy couch, a warm plastered floor, and some cushions on the sofa.

6. Versatile basement


This versatile basement photo is a great idea to add more value into your home. It’s not only used as a furnace room, but also a living room and kitchen. This space is possible just if the area is spacious enough. When it’s no longer winter, the furnace will be off yet the atmosphere stays cozy.

The furnace can be placed on the wall just like a mini fire. You can put the transparent door, so you can see the furnace lighting to get the warmer vibe. You can choose any room ideas for the rest of the space such as white minimalist or countryside vibe.

7. Hidden furnace

Basement Furnace Room

If you think the appearance of the furnace will bother the sighting, you can choose this basement furnace room ideas. The furnace is hidden in a mini closet with a simple door. The whole room is decorated as a mini meeting room or the place to put some stuff.

8. Hidden wall


Some people choose to hide their furnace and it’s quite understandable since it doesn’t value the interior at all. If you think your basement can be created into something prettier, create the hidden space on the wall to hide the furnace. Make it easily opened with a basement furnace room ideas door.

9. Special closet


If your furnace is quite big, it’s better to have a room like a closet in your basement. This closet won’t make your basement look weird and the furnace look won’t bother the basement interior. Create it with a wall and sliding doors to ease you open the closet.

10. Sliding doors

Basement Furnace Room

There are a lot of cheap ways to hide your furnace and this basement furnace room ideas will work well if you want to remodel the basement. The furnace is hidden behind the sliding door. Once the door is closed, it looks like a simple wooden wall and the basement area is more functional.

11. Country style closet room


You can try this simple idea for your furnace room. Create a room where you are flexible to put more than just a furnace. In this case, you can use it as a storage of your food. While the rest of the rooms are used for other functions such as home theater or living room.

12. Removable closet

Basement Furnace Room Ideas

If your furnace or heater isn’t complicated with wire or installation, you can put them in a removable closet. It stands alone and you can replace it when your interior preference changes. Placing it next to a washing machine isn’t bad at all.

Those basement furnace room ideas above will inspire you to get a better atmosphere for your basement. Pick the best one for your basement and don’t let the furnace itself ruin the cozy vibes of the room.

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