6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service for your Exit Clean

Have you ever wondered what to do when it is time to move out of your rental home? One solution could be hiring end of lease cleaners. Hiring someone else can help reduce hassle on your part and provide peace of mind that everything is done efficiently and, more importantly, correctly!

Check out these 6 reasons why this is a great option:

Save Your Energy For Other Tasks

When hiring a service, you won’t have to worry about doing the laundry, dishes, sweeping up debris or scrubbing away stains from surfaces. This will allow you more time to pack up your home and get ready to move out on time with ease!

Many residents underestimate the amount of time and energy an exit clean requires, regardless of its size. A deep clean can take up to two days of your time, in addition to the mental and physical energy it takes.

A professional cleaning service will come prepared with all supplies necessary for a thorough clean – from buckets and brushes to grill cleaners! The amount of time they spend on each room is determined by you, so if you have particular needs or are looking for an immaculate finish, then hiring someone else can be invaluable!

A Professional Service has the Right Supplies and Equipment

While you can find many products to help clean your home, some of these are ineffective for the job. 

A professional cleaner will have all the necessary supplies and equipment on hand – so they’ll be able to deep clean your home with ease! Tools are also disinfected before every use so that any germs left behind from one tenant won’t transfer into another’s living space. 

Professional tools you probably won’t own in your household include steam carpet cleaners, pressure cleaners and grill cleaners.

Ease Your Mind about Personal Items

A credible professional cleaning company will most likely provide background checks for their employees, checking their employment history and criminal background. 

When hiring a private cleaner without conducting a background check, you increase the likelihood of theft when leaving them with your personal belongings. It’s always worth doing your research to find a reputable service so you can rest easy about your personal items!

Professional Cleaners are Experts in Their Field

Professional cleaners are trained experts in their field and will know exactly what to do and when. 

Many cleaning tasks require some knowledge before going ahead, like cleaning an electric fireplace or even the back of a fridge. Because of this reason, you can relax knowing your property is taken care of by pros who have done this for years with success!

Professionals also use environmentally-friendly products so you can be confident about leaving them inside without worrying about lingering harmful substances. In addition, they’re more likely than private cleaners to stay within a budget since they don’t need their own materials. 

If sustaining an environmentally friendly home is your priority, apart from right cleaning products, residents can try using Energy-Efficient Bulbs and Power strips to help reduce electricity. 

You’re More Likely to Get Your Security Deposit Back

During your last few days before vacating your home, it’s always a question of how to get your security deposit back.

When residents attempt an exit clean themselves, they run the risk of doing a poor job. With the stress of packing and moving out, it’s not unusual for a resident to miss minor details that an expert cleaner might not pick up.

A professional cleaning service will come prepared with all supplies necessary for a thorough clean – from mops and sponges to vacuum cleaners! You may be spending a little more when hiring a service, but they’re guaranteed to do an excellent job for you.

Professional Cleaners are Licensed

A professional cleaner is licensed, insured and bonded – so you can be assured that your property will be taken care of. Sometimes, accidents occur in cleaning, and with a private cleaner, you are liable for anything that goes wrong. Choosing to hire a professional company will protect your home from any mishaps during their clean up!

In addition to potential damages a cleaner might cause, injuries also have to be considered. Check beforehand if your hired cleaner has worker’s compensation insurance in case they are hurt on the job. 

When to Hire a Cleaner and When to DIY

With both options on the table for your exit clean, which route should you go for?

Typically, a professional cleaner is the best option for residents with pets or large messes that would require more supplies to deal with. Furthermore, if you lack cleaning experience and your home needs a deep clean, hiring a professional would be advisable.

If your property doesn’t have any of these factors and you’re looking for an affordable exit clean, then DIY might be preferable!

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