Refinish Hardwood Floors Without Sanding: How Do You Do It?

There are many types of flooring that you can find, including hardwood floors. The floor is now a trend because it looks very good to beautify the house. In addition, hardwood floors also make the floor look more natural. However, problems often occur to refinish hardwood floors without sanding.

This is because many people want to refinish hardwood floors but often sanding is required during the process so that the results are good. Well, most people think that the sanding process takes a long time. So, “how to refinish hardwood floors without sanding?”

These are the 3 Main Ways to Refinishing Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

In general, there are 3 ways to refinish hardwood floors without sanding. The first is to use an abrasive chemical product kit to clean the wood floor. You can get this product at a materials store or chemical store.

The second is revitalization. The third is to polish and re-coat hardwood floors using polyurethane. Whatever method you choose, make sure that you move all the furniture or furniture in the area where you will clean the floor. This is to prevent damage to furniture or home furniture caused by the process or product used on the hardwood floor.

1. Refinish Hardwood Floors Using Abrasive Chemicals

Refinish Hardwood Floors Using Abrasive Chemicals

The first way is to use abrasive chemicals. Well, first clean the floor first. Then, use the abrasive chemical product on the surface of the hardwood floor. After that, scrub the surface with a cloth or sponge. If so, clean the floor again using a floor cleaning liquid mixed with water.

You need to wait 30 minutes until the floor is dry. When it’s dry, you can take a second look to see if there are any stains or streaks on the hardwood floors. If there is still a stain, then use an abrasive chemical on that area only. Then, clean it with a floor cleaner and wait for it to dry.

2. Refinish Hardwood Floors Using Polyurethane

Another repair and refinishing hardwood floor without sanding is to use polyurethane. This process is called buffing and recoating. In fact, this method is not much different from using the chemical abrasive kit above, but here a buffer solution is used to refinish hardwood floors with great results.

However, actually using the buffing is a bit inconvenient when compared to using an abrasive chemical kit. The end result of buffing also looks like a sanding process. In fact, there is no sanding process at all in this way. You only have to smooth the floor layer so that the new layer can adhere perfectly to the hardwood floor.

3. Refinish Hardwood Floors Using Revitalizer

Refinish Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

The third way is to use a revitalizer. First, clean the floor first. Then, use the revitalizer on the floor to be cleaned. After that, let the floor dry.

4. Other Information Related to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Before using any of these 3 methods, make sure that you have checked in advance regarding the type of hardwood floors in your home. Then, consult it with the experts. Later, you can determine which method works best for your hardwood floors.

So, that’s a brief explanation about refinish hardwood floors without sanding. Apart from ensuring the type of hardwood floors, make sure that you clean the floor first before carrying out the refinishing process.

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