7 Types of Grass for More Gorgeous Lawns

Your lawn is going to be awesome with the right types of grass. Grass comes in so many different types. Every type comes with its own benefits, maintenance requirements, and special textures. You need to find the right one that matches the weather around your house, not just looks beautiful.

If you need the recommendation to cover the lawn outside your house, below are some excellent grass options to beautify your gorgeous yard. You may want to complement them with the right bushes.

1. Bentgrass


Bentgrass requires high maintenance. It has medium green color and the texture is dense and soft. Many golf courses use bentgrass because of its soft texture and low growth potential. However, it requires high maintenance. You need to mow, fertilize, fungicide, and water bentgrass routinely.

2. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass

Unlike the previous type, Bermuda grass has deep green color. It is a nice option for lawns because of its dense texture. But Bermuda grass also requires high maintenance. Frequent watering is something you shouldn’t skip. You need to mow this grass to a low height if you have pets and kids.

3. Bluegrass


The third of the different types of grass is the deep green bluegrass which has a soft texture. Unlike the previous ones, bluegrass requires medium maintenance. This is a very modern grass type you can find easily. Combine bluegrass with fine fescue and ryegrass to make it grow more easily.

4. Types of grass: centipede grass

centipede grass

Centipede grass comes with a light green color. Its texture is thick and short. Centipede grass requires medium to low maintenance, a perfect option for busy ones. If you live in tepid and warm climates, centipede grass is the right choice. It loves full sun. However, it will also survive in the shade.

5. Dichondra grass

Dichondra grass

This grass has a bright or pale green color and a dense texture. It is very easy to identify dichondra grass. Dichondra grass doesn’t have blades but little round leaves. This is the next of the best types of grass for warm climates. It will cover your ground with a higher density.

6. Fine Fescue

types of grass

The color of fine fescue is dull green and it has a fine texture. Fine fescue requires medium to low maintenance. You can pair fine fescue with other different grass names like ryegrass and bluegrass. Fine fescue loves cooler conditions. You shouldn’t grow fine fescue if you live in a warmer climate.

7. Floratam grass

Floratam grass

This dark green grass has a coarse texture and requires medium maintenance. Floratam grass requires warm air and a lot of water to thrive.

The blades of flora tam grass have coarse and wide textures. This grass is the best choice if you live in an area that is humid and hot like Louisiana or Florida.

Seven different types of grass are ready to make your lawns more gorgeous. Those are floratam, fine fescue, dichondra, centipede, bluegrass, Bermuda grass, and bentgrass. Pick one that will grow beautifully in your area. Don’t pick one that will be killed by the weather in your area.

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