Simple Method to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for those who want to use different flooring than the usual hardwood floor. It is cheap and easy to install. It also has water and is scratch-resistant, which means it doesn’t require too much maintenance. However, there are many times when this flooring type gets some scratches over time. The question is how we can remove scratches from vinyl flooring.

This article will help you to find the solution for the scratches problem on vinyl flooring. But, before we move to the removal method, you should know the cause of the scratch. Here are some of them.

The Cause of Scratches on Vinyl Flooring

Most of the scratches problem on this flooring type comes from you, the owner or user of the flooring. For example:

  • Heavy furniture or large appliances that you put without pads or furniture protectors,
  • Dirty shoes, which might have small rocks and debris that you wear on top of vinyl floor,
  • Long pet nails also can cause scratches. It happens because you, the owner, didn’t groom your pet frequently,
  • Toys or other tools with sharp edges.

You can easily find all those things in your house. Therefore, it is not surprising, if the vinyl floor got scratched without you realizing. Now, let’s move to the method to remove the scratch from the vinyl floor.

Using Scratch Concealer

Using Scratch Concealer

Scratch concealer creates a permanent seal on the scratched part. It won’t go away and make the scratch fade away. Here is how you use this method to remove scratches from vinyl flooring.

  • Clean the area where you find the scratches,
  • Apply scratch concealer thoroughly,
  • Use a soft clean cloth to clean the excess concealer gently in a circular motion,
  • Wait for at least 4 hours,
  • Clean the scratch area with a soaked cloth.

Using Paste Wax

Paste wax is also an effective method for removing scratch problems on vinyl flooring. Here is what you need to do with this method:

  • Clean the scratched surface,
  • Use a scouring pad to buff it up,
  • Apply the paste wax by using a paper towel gently and in a circular motion on the scratched part,
  • Use the same paper towel to remove the excess paste wax,
  • Wait a bit then buff the area with a scouring pad,
  • Now, you have a vinyl floor free from scratch.

How to Prevent Scratch on Vinyl Flooring

Remove Scratches from Vinyl Flooring

It is necessary to prevent any scratch from occurring on vinyl flooring after you repair it. Here is what you need to do to prevent scratches on vinyl flooring:

  • Place doormats at the entrance, so you can clean your shoes before entering,
  • Use floor protectors,
  • Place rugs on the floor,
  • Move your furniture carefully,
  • Decide which area your kids or pet can play around.

In general, fixing scratches on the vinyl floor is easy to do. You don’t need to ask for help from a professional to deal with the problem. However, make sure you follow our guide strictly to ensure you get the best result. That will help you to remove scratches from vinyl flooring in no time.

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