5 Simple Ideas for Renovating Common Living Areas

Above all else, how a house feels when entering, navigating or socialising within it is what transforms it from a house to a home. The ambience and appeal inside the home can make a huge difference in mood, convenience and even resale potential.

Ultimately, ensuring that common areas of the home exude the same appeal, tranquillity and comfort that other, more private areas do is essential.

While a variety of rooms – such as kitchens and bathrooms – often get ample attention when discussing potential renovations, the common living areas of a home also deserve consideration. From foyers and stairwells to living rooms and dens, these areas of the home set the tone for all who enter.

As such, let’s examine 5 simple ideas that you can utilise to renovate and add appeal to the common living areas in your home.

Create Built-in Bookshelves

Built-in Bookshelves Ideas

Living spaces are a huge focal point in the home, whether you are relaxing with family or entertaining guests.

Dull, drab walls can be spruced up in a variety of ways, including through paint, wallpaper, artwork and moulding. However, to add both appeal and depth to any common living area, built-in bookshelves are a great choice.

Not only can these elements help highlight your literary prowess, but they create visual breaks in an otherwise monotonous living environment.

Given that these elements also avoid consuming extra floor space, it adds a substantial amount of area that can be used to house books and other small items such as family photos and décor.

The price to install built-in bookshelves can vary depending on the number you desire and the exact materials used, but an entire room can often incorporate these elements for two thousand dollars or less.

Spruce Up the Staircase

Best staircase ideas

Homes with multiple storeys can feature a wide array of designs, interior layouts and customised floor plans, but they all have one thing in common: staircases.

Being a prime access point from one part of the home to another, stairs are one of several home elements that are both functional and aesthetic in nature.

Installing a new staircase complete with balustrade design elements can completely overhaul the look of a living area.

Brands such as Majestic Stairs have been specialising in high-quality staircases and balustrade amenities for nearly 40 years, helping homeowners renovate this crucial design element.

From design and quotation to installation, Majestic Stairs illustrates just how easy it can be to renovate this beautiful component of many home living areas.

Invest in Wood Floors

Best Wood Floor ideas

The type of floor covering used in a home can say a lot about the home itself. As homes age, materials such as carpet can age, leaving the appeal of common areas at an all-time low.

Some floor coverings – such as wood – can be timeless when installed properly and cared for consistently.

Wood floors can be used to revitalise an aging living room, dining room or foyer, while simultaneously adding immense long-term resale value to the home.

Even a home with existing older wood flooring can be renovated through sanding and finishing, bringing back to life what might otherwise be a stained, dull interior surface.

Sanding and refinishing wood floors can cost approximately $50 per square metre, while the installation of a new wood floor tends to be around $100 per square metre.

Slap on a New Coat of Paint

best paint for living room

The ambience in any room can be affected by a combination of colour and lighting. Very few renovations to common living areas are as simple as adding a new coat of paint.

In just a few hours, and for a very reasonable price, homeowners can completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Various colours for ideal home moods should be considered, such as blue for a calming, relaxing effect; red for active, more intense feelings; and yellow to elevate the feeling of happiness.

Older homes in particular can benefit from a fresh coat of paint, which can be fully applied to an average-sized living area for as little as $100.

Update Moulding and Trim

molding and trim ideas

The feeling of a particular living space can be completely transformed by just a handful of small accessories or elements of home décor.

One of the cheapest and simplest renovations to any common living area is the addition (or replacement, in the case of outdated examples) of stylish moulding and trim.

Crown moulding is a popular contemporary choice, but a variety of trim and moulding options exist for homeowners to consider.

Whether the desire is for a more rustic look or a sleek modern design, professional installation of new trim and baseboard moulding in a living space can be procured for less than a thousand dollars (DIY installation of moulding can lower the price substantially, but can pose some challenges).

Some renovations are easier than others, but a variety of improvements to common living areas can either be done affordably by professionals or via DIY projects.

To improve the look and feel of your living spaces, consider these 5 renovations and what appeal they might add to your home!

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