7 Retaining Wall Ideas for Sloped Backyard

A sloped backyard is prone to landslides if you don’t build a retaining wall to keep them in place. Unfortunately, a retaining wall usually has a monotone look that makes your sloped backyard look weird. If you are trying to fix your sloped backyard, here are some retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard.

1. Wooden Retaining Walls

Wooden Retaining Walls

Many materials allow you to build the best retaining walls for your sloped backyard. But if you are looking for the most natural option, consider using wood to build the retaining wall and hold your backyard’s soil in place.

The natural color of wood retaining walls will match the green color of your backyard grass.

2. Cute Flowers to Decorate Retaining Walls

Cute Flowers to Decorate Retaining Walls

Don’t leave your retaining walls with nothing on the ground. The grass may allow you to do things like having a picnic in your sloped yard.

But a retaining wall with only grass on the soil looks plain and boring. Decorate the frame of the retaining wall with colorful flowers.

Add some shrubs as well and your retaining backyard will be more colorful. If you choose stones to build the retaining wall, make sure that you use the same stones for the steps.

3. Retaining Wall Ideas for Sloped Backyard with Lanterns

diy retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard

Your backyard is a part of your house. If your house looks cute with a specific theme, you should adopt the same theme when decorating your sloped backyard.

For example, if you have this nice farmhouse style, pick some outdoor decorations to match the exterior of your house.

Some iron lanterns on the retaining wall and on the ground will make your yard look more fantastic. They will also make your yard look nice at night.

4. Retaining Wall for a Modern House

wood retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard

A modern house usually wants something minimalist and simple for its interior and exterior.

If you have a modern house with a sloped yard and want to build a retaining wall, use material that is going to make your yard look modern. You sure can add some plants to your yard and inside the retaining wall.

5. A Small Desert in The Backyard

simple retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard

If you have a steep slope in the backyard and trying to protect it from landslides, create a small desert corner in the backyard.

Use small pebbles to cover the soil and then use big rocks to build the natural retaining wall. Some desert plants like cacti will decorate your retaining wall.

6. A Nice Oasis

Retaining Wall Ideas for Sloped Backyard

You can leverage your sloped backyard to create a nice oasis where you can enjoy the rest of your tiring day. A Bamboo wall, rocks and pebbles on the ground, a mini pond, and two swings will help you turn a backyard into a gorgeous spot.

7. Simple Wall for Simple House

retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard

Another idea for those who want a retaining wall for their modern house is this wooden retaining wall. These walls have a sleek and simple look and will make your exterior look awesome.

When you try to build a retaining wall in your backyard, you need to check these retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard and then choose the best idea for your backyard.

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