7 Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas

GripElements.com – What are you going to do with the small attic and low ceiling it has? If you are trying to turn a small attic into a nice and cozy room, check out these low ceiling small attic room ideas and turn your attic into one of these rooms.

Hopefully, you can turn your small attic into a wonderful space for your family.

1. Small Bedroom with Small Library

small low sloped ceiling bedroom

Even the smallest attic with the lowest ceiling can be the most comfortable place. This triangle attic, for example, becomes the coziest spot to cuddle or read your favorite novel.

A small library in the corner of the room can be a nice home for your favorite books and a great place for some decorations.

If you love this idea, build a small openable window on the ceiling of your attic and then place a frameless bed in the room.

2. Home Office in The Small Loft

ow attic ceiling solutions

Another brilliant way to use your small attic is by using it as your home office. To be able to work in this attic, there should be enough natural light from the ceiling windows. Add some other windows on the wall you can open to let the fresh air in.

Add a long sofa and a chair where you can get rest from your tiring job. And make sure the additional lamp can illuminate the room to work at night.

3. Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas: A Nice Family Room

very low ceiling attic ideas

If you love spending time with your loved one, like reading books together or deep talking while enjoying some snacks, this attic idea is for you.

The size of this attic is super small but is enough to accommodate a couch for two, a coffee table, and a small TV. Add a small rug to keep you feeling comfortable.

4. Game Room in The Attic

low ceiling attic room ideas

Families with kids will turn their attic into a game room where kids can spend all day playing with their favorite toys or electronic games.

But if you are planning to turn your attic into a game room, make sure that your little ones can access the room easily and securely.

5. A Small Attic for Kid’s Room

small attic room design ideas

If it is time for your little one to get his bedroom, turn the small attic with a low ceiling into a kid’s room.

Complete the room with a bed, storage for books and clothes, and a study desk. Hang a lamp in the low attic ceiling and make sure it can illuminate every space in the room.

6. An Attic Guest Room

small room loft bed ideas for low ceiling

Your attic can also be a nice bedroom for your guests. Just make sure that the room has all facilities your guests will need.

A built-in bathroom and a flat TV will make your guests feel at home. Complete the room with enough ceiling windows.

7. A Hidden Home Theatre

low ceiling small attic room ideas

The last idea is for the cinephiles. If watching movies is your way to heal your soul, build a home theatre in your attic. The darkness is going to make you feel like you’re in the movie theatre.

What kind of room will you build in the attic of your house? These seven low ceiling small attic room ideas will ease you into turning your small attic into a great room.

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