Vintage Rustic Backyard Party

Outdoor parties are always better than indoor ones. When you are outside with your friends, you are not limited by the space, you are always breathing in fresh air and there is something cozy about being outdoors enjoying yourself.

However, when planning an outdoor party in your yard, you will have to think about the appropriate decor for the party and if it isn’t themed, you need to put in a bit more effort into it.

And what’s the best style for your next backyard party? Vintage rustic style, of course! Here are some great tips for decorating your backyard party with the most romantic and coziest style. 

Send out Invitations

Every party needs a set of cute invitations, no matter how big the party is. There are two options – online invitations and handwritten ones.

There are numerous apps and programs you can use to create a very personalized invitation for your friends and you can pick any style you’d like.

However, for the vintage rustic ones, you can think in terms of shades of light brown with some Victorian-like fonts. 

On the other hand, if you feel extra crafty, you can make your own! Pick rustic paper or recycled one for the invitations.

Also, you can use regular paper and spill some coffee or tea on it to give it a vintage-like look.

Tap into your calligraphy skills as well and make that handwriting simply gorgeous. To top it all off, you can use thin rope or burlap to create bows for the invitations and voila!

Choose a Color Palette

When it comes to the decor of your backyard party, you need to choose a color palette in order to make it fabulous. The first step is matching colors to your surroundings.

Since it is a vintage rustic party, you should definitely rely on nature and its colors and elements to complete the look of the space.

You probably already have plenty of great flowers surrounding your space so make sure to complement their colors.

You can even mix and match and add sunflowers as centerpieces on the table, use beige in contrast with stronger colors (scarlet, burgundy and magenta) to complete the look.

Also, you can stick to yellow hues, light browns and greens to add to that vintage look. Just make sure to steer clear of any metallic and cold colors because vintage looks are all about warm hues. 

Another option is adding a wow factor to your backyard decor for the party. This can easily be done with some accent pieces that will provide character to the decor.

You can easily find some great standout pieces at that will definitely make the entire space pop and add to the rustic style of your party. 

Arrange Flowers and Planters

Arrange Flowers and Planters

Nothing says rustic party than flower arrangements. This is a perfect way to set the tone for a garden party so make sure to include plenty of flowers.

You can hire a florist or do it yourself with the help of your friends, either way, it is going to look amazing. Pick a few small bud vases or long natural garlands to decorate the space, just make sure to keep it simple.

Flowers will provide an elegant look to the vintage style party and will provide nice smells and a calming atmosphere.

You can arrange flowers on the table, use sunflowers or roses for centerpieces or you can arrange potted flowers around the edges of the party space and completely transform your garden into a festive venue.

Plan the Menu

The menu is as important as the location and decor. If the point of the party isn’t a fancy dinner, then don’t overdo it with the food and don’t make it too complicated.

For rustic backyard parties, small tea sandwiches work wonderfully or pick several salads, dips and finger food. Also, don’t forget the drinks.

If it is a summer party, pick something refreshing with plenty of lime, mint and lemons. Some simple cocktails and other spirits can also be refreshing, but keep them light. 

Backyard parties are always fun and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. However, if you haven’t’ figured out a theme, then going for a vintage rustic style is your best option.

It is soothing, it looks beautiful and everyone will simply love the warm feel the flowers and soothing colors will bring.

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