6 Reasons Why You Need to Separate Your Workspace From Others

Have you ever worked in open-plan offices where the workplaces are very close? Then you probably know how much discomfort this can bring to many people.

The fact is that modern society has not been divided into phlegmatic and sanguine people for a long time.

You cannot be friendly and interact with people around the clock. That is why a separate workspace is the best solution for the office. Here are six reasons why this is a good idea.

1. Privacy Improves Productivity

Privacy Improves Productivity

The open plan works only when a group of employees needs to be constantly in touch. Let’s say you work in a graphic design area, and your colleagues need to focus on your sketches.

Then your workplace can be located next to others. But what if you can do your job perfectly, even on the other side of the galaxy? Then you should separate your workspace from others.

Imagine that you are a student and have to write a paper in a noisy lecture hall. Will you be able to cope with such a task? You will most likely need to read the speedy paper review and hire a writer.

The point is that only privacy increases productivity. If a noisy team does not surround you, it’s easier for you to cope with specific tasks.

2. Less Distraction and Defocusing

This is the next reason, which is a bit like the previous one. If there are many other employees near you, then you will be subconsciously distracted by their speech, jokes, or any comments regarding the tasks.

Even a small space between tables will help you feel better. You won’t be distracted by other people and will focus on significant tasks.

Plus, a lot of colleges can work better if they get a little personal freedom. A separate workspace can be compared to an apartment where you managed to move after a noisy and crowded dorm.

You will most likely appreciate these changes and will be happy to focus on your daily activities.

3. The Ability to Be in Silence

Separate Your Workspace

Silence is the ultimate productivity tool. Even if you move your table 60-80 cm further, you will feel a kind of relief.

If you can organize your workspace in a different part of the office, this would be ideal. Some lucky ones manage to get a private room, and this is the best option.

Each person needs special conditions to carry out their daily duties. Some people do a better job when they communicate, while others need to be quiet.

As a rule, nothing prevents you from approaching colleagues and asking about something if your job involves communication.

In addition, many applications and technologies allow you to organize online sessions and discuss all important issues. Being able to be quiet is a great reason why you need a separate workspace.

4. Less Energy Depletion

Most people have enough energy and motivation to work early in the morning. But what if socializing with colleagues and the constant noise is draining your strength and morale? Then you urgently need to distance yourself from the rest.

This does not mean that you need to hurry to run away from everyone who speaks to you. It is enough to have a separate workspace. The further you sit next to your colleagues, the less energy you will spend during the day.

5. The Ability to Take Short Breaks

The Ability to Take Short Breaks

Short breaks are especially popular in Asian culture. The point is that you cannot work 8-10 hours without short rest sessions. Your body and nervous system will deplete very quickly.

That is why you need to rest for 5-10 minutes every 1-2 hours. The problem is that some people are embarrassed to relax if their workspace is located near their colleagues.

But if you distance yourself a little or use low or high-paneled cubicles, then no one will bother you. You can still communicate without restrictions and discuss all work aspects.

The only difference will be the lack of eye contact. This office feature is very relevant if you have to work 10 hours a day.

6. Increased Comfort

Imagine that no one bothers you and does not observe how you work. This is the perfect opportunity to tailor each working day to your needs. Let’s say you can handle your tasks an hour faster than your colleagues.

A separate workspace will help you not to worry about what others think about you. In addition, you do not have to constantly be afraid to do something wrong and wait for the conviction of colleagues.

The increased comfort means you can enjoy every day at work without being distracted by annoying factors.


Of course, there are many more advantages for those who dream of a separate workspace from others. However, these six reasons are enough to get you started right now.

The benefits are clear. You can perform better, be less distracted, and not drain your nervous system. Plus, your employer will appreciate the increased productivity.

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