Creative Window Sill Ideas to Upgrade Home’s Comfort

For small houses, a few inches of extra space can make a great change. While window sills are often underrated, it can be transformed into a versatile space for different purposes.

What can you do to achieve this goal? Fortunately, there are many window sill ideas to give this little space a new life.

Some homeowners have turned their window sills into a perfect place to chill out while others make it a nice spot for indoor garden.

If you need a spark of ideas, these creative concepts help upgrade your window sills without breaking your bone or savings. Read on and get inspired!

Cozy Sitting Space Window Sill

Cozy Sitting Space Window Sill

How about making a cozy seating out of a sill? You can enjoy good books or listen to favorite music while appreciating outdoor view.

In order to improve its functional purpose, install drawers under the seating for extra storage. Save a lot of space and improve interior at a time!

Multipurpose Window Sill

Creative Window Sill

Living in a small apartment with your kids can be daunting. If you need to provide them with an extra space to explore, this sill will do.

It can serve as storage and your kids can happily play on its top. Place a bed near the sill for extra protection.

Space-Saving into Office Desk

window sill design

If you have to work from home but don’t have extra space for an office desk, this is one of the best window sill ideas to copy.

Transform your sill into a floating desk so you can work conveniently. As a bonus, you can save energy when working at day.

Window Sill for Chilling

Window Sill for Chilling

Chilling out without leaving the bedroom? This window sill can be a cozy spot to read books or simply enjoy outdoor view.

With a simple design, you don’t need to be an advanced woodworker to create this sill. If needed, transform the space beneath the sill into a storage.

Nice Spot for Indoor Plants

window sill ideas

Satisfy your inner gardener by transforming a small window sill into a tiny garden. Get some favorite indoor plants, choose fancy planters, and spruce up the room.

This mini garden not only provides fresh air but also adds colors. Work with the arrangement to please your eyesight.

Indoor Kitchen Garden

Indoor Kitchen Garden Ideas

Another idea for green thumbs! Your kitchen window sill can be a perfect home for a variety of indoor plants like succulent or water lily.

It allows you to provide the plants with sufficient light while keeping them from insects or extreme weather.

Wooden Window Sill

Wooden Window Sill

How about creating your own window sill? This wooden window sill comes with a simple design so you can easily tackle it within hours.

Unfinished wood matches flooring, creating additional texture to the room. Not to mention it delivers a strong sense of warmth.

Window sills are often overlooked but upgrading this part can be a great way to enhance your interior. It can be a cozy nook to relax or mini indoor garden to pamper your eyesight.

With so many window sill ideas to copy, unleash your creativity and give your sill a second life.

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