7 DIY Shed Organization and Storage Ideas

Some people decide to build a shed in their backyard. This small roof building is structured to store many items, especially tools for gardening purposes. Unless they know there are several shed storage ideas; usually, this place seems a mess and abandoned.

However, if you are creative enough to beautify your shed, this place can be perfect storage. Not only for tools but also for the little additional garage in your home.

Here are some ideas to make it tidy, so the stuff won’t be piled up.

Best Shed Storage Ideas

1. Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves

The metal-made shed can be combined with some wooden shelves inside. If things are too hard for you, you can simply build the shelves from wood or plywood.

This idea is great for collecting lumber wood. Or else, it’s great too to place your gardening crops.

2. Standing shelves

standing shed storage

Standing shelves are popular storage in any kind of room. You might consider one to be placed in your shed.

The standing shelves usually come like a rack and are made from metal. It consists of some parts, and it’s easier to organize many things in one storage.

Another benefit from this storage in your shade is it lasts longer. Since it’s made from metal and placed in a colder place, it’s unlikely to vanish in years.

It also holds the items better, even for the heavy ones such as gardening tools, fertilizer, etc.

3. Wooden crates

diy Wooden crates

The cheap storage and might be created as DIY is the wooden crates. Its concept is suitable for a countryside shed.

Though it’s made from wood, you can paint with the anti-termite, so it stays longer. Crates come like a box, and you can store many items separately.

4. Floating shelves

diy floating shed storage

Some tools are too small to place on the box in your shed. Consider the floating shelves, whether it’s made from wood or metal.

The floating ones help much since you can separate the light and small items. Let the other storage hold the bigger tools.

5. Hanger storage

Hanger storage ideas

Find many types of hangers at IKEA for your shed. The hangers aren’t for the clothes, but to hang some tools.

Not only the garden thing, but the hanger on the wall is also ideal for bikes. It maximizes the function of the wall, yet the floor of it is tidier.

6. Hanging bags

hanging shed storage

The shed storage ideas are clearly for you who don’t want to spend much on storage. The hanging bags are made from plastic.

Though it’s light, you want to store many things since it consists of compartments. This bag is perfect if your tools are small and the shed is made from plywood.

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7. Tool holder

shed storage design

It’s not a bad idea, and you can DIY this box. The tool holder is placed on the floor and similar to the wooden crates. It’s used to gather tools like fork and scope. If you think the look is boring, you can paint the holder, so it gives the color for your shady shed.

There are many options of shed storage ideas which you can adjust with your shed. If the shed of yours is small, consider wall storage to save space. Otherwise, you can have portable shelves or boxes.

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