Sleeping Recliners: Sleeping with Comfort

While recliners have been around since the 1880s, these alternatives for conventional seating options have gained popularity in recent years. This is namely due to their comfort, variability, and user-friendly design.

Sleeping recliners can be particularly beneficial for individuals who experience muscle stiffness or aching, women who are going through pregnancy, and the senior population.

That being said, their benefits can significantly improve the life of any individual. Recliners are available in a variety of styles and have become a sought after item in homes across the globe.

This article will touch on the history of recliner chairs, examine the benefits of their use, as well as outlining common characteristics of various models. It is intended to both educate and assist you in making a well-informed purchase.

The History of Recliners

Originally created by the French, recliner chairs have existed since the 1880s. The French aimed to create a piece of furniture which could serve as both a  bed and a chair, as needed.

It was modeled after the chaise lounge, and while the original design was quite simple, the fundamentals were the same as those of modern-day recliners. Models were improved and altered over the years, ultimately leading to the creation of the traditional sleeping recliner which can be purchased today.

Two American cousins, Shoemaker and Knabusсh, patented a wooden model of a recliner in the late 1920s. Following this accomplishment, they patented the first recliner which included mechanical movement in 1930.

In 1947, a footrest was added to the design, and is now considered a staple feature of most recliner chairs. A man by the name of Daniel Caldemeyer patented a recliner in 1959, which was later used by NASA, as well as by U. S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson, during his recovery from surgery.

Recliner chairs have come a long way, and advancements are bound to continue far into the future.

Benefits of Recliners

Many recliners are praised for their comfort and aesthetically-pleasing design, but the benefits are numerous. The misconception that sleep recliners are intended uniquely for the elderly population is beginning to be abandoned, as the benefits are being increasingly recognized and researched.

Benefits range from overall comfort and better sleep, to alleviating pain and lessening the symptoms of various diseases and disorders. Recliners have been proven to reduce stress/tension, and improve circulation throughout the body by allowing the lower limbs to rest at a higher level than they generally would when one sits or stands.

This increased circulation can lead to more rapid recovery from injury, as well as an overall increase in one’s wellness. Recliners are found to effectively relieve the lower back pain found in many pregnant women, which stems from carrying the extra weight of a child.

These comfortable seating options also make simple movements such as sitting down or standing back up a worry-free motion. This can be particularly beneficial to elderly people who may have limited mobility.

Additionally, studies have shown that recliner use can be helpful to those suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, or simply snoring. It can also be beneficial to people with respiratory disorders, as well as those who experience heartburn or acid reflux.

This is due to the fact that sleeping in a more upright position keeps the stomach acid from rising. The adjustable positioning allows for customized comfort, and in turn, a more restful sleep.

Recliners are also found to be excellent substitutes for couches or other bulkier seating options, as they take up significantly less space, and can be customized stylistically.

With a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors available, you’re guaranteed to find a recliner that best suits your preferences and needs.

Types of Recliners

There is a multitude of recliners available on the market, and while the fundamental design is consistent, their features can vary greatly. While manually adjustable chairs can still be purchased, electric/motor models are gaining popularity due to their convenience.

Most recliners either have control panels on the body of the chair itself, or include remote controls which can be used to adjust the settings more easily. Standard sleeping recliners have several positioning options to ensure optimal comfort, but many also include additional features for your convenience.

This could include USB ports, cup holders, massage functions (heat and/or vibration), among other perks. Variations in the material can also provide different levels of comfort, as memory foam or gel-padding can allow for the chair to mold to your body.

Naturally, additional features will result in a higher price, but the added comfort can be well worth the cost. Sleeping recliners range in price, and while some basic designs can be bought for as little as $200, others may cost up to $5000.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the purchase of a high-quality recliner chair is ultimately an investment towards bettering your health. The vast majority of recliners are made to comfortably seat one person, but they can be bought in alternative styles to accommodate more.

This could be a loveseat, a conventional sofa, or even an L-shaped couch. Comparable to single-person recliners in style and features, these alternative options are perfect for larger family homes or those who prefer having the extra seating available for gatherings.


It’s clear that there is no shortage of benefits provided by sleeping recliners. Whether you’re considering purchasing a recliner to help solve an existing concern, or to prevent future issues from occurring, rest assured that this is an investment worth making.

However, as with any other substantial purchase, comprehensive research prior to shopping is a must. Consider and compare styles, colors, sizes, features, prices, and brand reviews before making any final decisions. Due to the wide range of function and price, it’s crucial to determine which type of recliner best fits your needs.

Hopefully, reading the above information, along with this article about sleeping recliners for home comparison has jump-started that process for you. And in turn, you can begin to reap the benefits of a sleeping recliner even sooner.

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