7 Appealing Exterior Window Trim Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Exterior Window Trim – Windows can break or make your home design. Aside from its essential function to let the light in, windows can improve your home’s appeal from the outside. Choosing the right window trims is one of ways to enhance your home exterior since decorative trims can complete your home style.

There are plenty of window trim ideas to make your exterior standout, ranging from basic craftsman to architectural molding. If you are looking for the best idea to add decorative touch to the windows, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 inspiring exterior window trim ideas to make your exterior look awesome!

Choose Neutral Shade

Neutral Shade window trim

Neutral shade works best for any home styles and it may be the safest way to decorate your exterior. This window trim comes in white shade with crown molding and casing that evokes a modern look to the exterior. This craftsman window trim boasts simplicity that you need.

Arches to Complete Curb Appeal

Exterior Window Trim Ideas

These windows feature arch trims that look sturdy to complete your curb appeal. Additional wood frames are not needed, thanks to carved stone walls that serve everlasting window trims with low maintenance. This window trim idea is suitable for Mediterranean home style.

Decorative Molding for Bay Windows

Decorative Window Molding

If you need a window trim that stands out sharply, this molding trim can be a good bet. The window casing brings a statement to your exterior, with neutral shade that blends nicely with the brick walls. Thanks to decorative supports that ensure the molding hangs securely on the wall.

Minimalist Trim for Urban Houses

Minimalist Window Trim Ideas

This is another idea for craftsman exterior window trim to complement your minimalist or urban houses. The window casing boasts clean lines, featuring neutral shade that blends perfectly with the other parts of the house. The absence of molding makes a perfect option if you need a simple one.

Farmhouse Style with Wooden Shutters

Farmhouse Style

Window shutters can make your exterior more attractive. This DIY window trim idea uses reclaimed wood for the shutters, evoking rustic nuance to complement your farmhouse style.Window box allows you to decorate the sill with pretty greeneries. If you are looking for a thrifty idea, this could be it.

Stone Window Casing for Mediterranean Style

window trim ideas

Your Mediterranean house needs suitable window casings to complement the exterior. You can opt for this stone window trim for a sturdy, durable, and long lasting choice.

The naturally decorative feature blends perfectly with earth-tone wall. This stone casing works best for both square and circular windows.

Architectural Window Molding

Window Molding

Redefine your taste with this architectural window molding. This crown molding looks adorable, allowing you to level up the exterior without too much effort.

Earth-tone trim shade blends nicely with the siding so it does not create awkward contrast with the rest of the house.

All in all, you can choose window trims that stand out sharply to make your exterior look catchy. But you can also opt for subtle casings that do not contrast the rest of the house.

Either way, window trims should be finished appropriately so it can serve well to enhance the exterior. More importantly, choose the right material that is durable, long lasting, and requires less maintenance.

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