7 Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas – Have you ever looked at your own bathroom at home and suddenly wondered what to do with it? Perhaps you are not the interior designer or the artistic type, so it is no surprise that you are unsure.

Not only the size of the bathroom, but the colour of the tiles can be problematic too. Getting some small bathroom storage ideas sounds like a perfect idea that you badly need right now.

Whether you have just moved into a new house or want to redecorate, organising your bathroom can be pretty tricky. It is not just about how it looks like, but there are other factors you need to consider as well, like: hygiene and functionality.

For example: what is the point of having a stylish-looking bathroom if it is hard to clean it more regularly? What if the tap blows?

If you do not have enough space there, then you definitely need some small bathroom storage ideas. It is not easy, but that does not mean it is impossible.

You have to allocate your time, budget, and energy to make this happen. Make sure that the process does not take too much time, though, especially if your bathroom is only one at home.

If your bathroom is big enough, surely you will not have any problems designing and decorating it in any way you like. There are plenty of choices to pick from. In fact, since the size of the bathroom is large enough to store a lot, you can practically sleep in there.

In some designs, they even put a couch or a sofa and a shelf for your books and magazines. Imagine that, sitting in the bathroom with a magazine or a book.

If you feel like you are in a hurry, having a closet of clothes in the bathroom may also work. You do not need to go out with a towel wrapped around you; just get dressed in the bathroom.

As long as nobody who lives in the same house with you have a problem with that, then you have no worries. The only thing you have to watch out for is if the bathroom is slippery with water after your shower.

However, you might want to consider its hygiene. Even if your clothes are safely kept in the closet, it is rather unorthodox to have that closet in the bathroom. Some people do, but will that really work out for you too?

What if the moistness of the bathroom temperature gets in your clothes? Not to mention when you feel that you are not in the mood to clean your bathroom. Remember, a much bigger space requires more time and energy to clean up.

This is why many have no problems having a small bathroom. As long as it is clean and functional, why waste so much space at home? You only need it for showering and grooming anyway.

Still, after a while, your small bathroom starts to look kind of bland. You would like to redecorate it to make it look less boring. Unfortunately, due to the lack of space, you worry that you may not have enough ideas to do something more to your small bathroom.

So, what is the solution from here? What can you do with a short of creativity, small area, and not to mention— budget?

Do not give up just yet. There are still plenty stuff you can adjust. Just because your bathroom is small, that does not mean you cannot do anything more about it. In fact, if you are into arts and willing to think outside the box, it is not impossible to turn a small bathroom into something fancy and still functional.

You need proper tools, materials, and designs. If you are not the artistic type, no worries. There are plenty of references that you can check out before deciding on one that might fit your small bathroom best.

Once you find anything that suits your style and is interesting, then you can go from there. Even more, you can always change the styles based on your moods. Besides, these ideas are quite easy to pull-off.

There are many small bathroom storage ideas that you can try here. Some of them are easily made:

1. Using the baskets to have everything well-kept is one of the best steps.

Using the baskets for storage

2. A space above the door for you to store some more is what that space is really for.

above the door ideas

3. Using a ladder shelf to save some space is one of the many ways to save a small bathroom space.

ladder shelf storage

4. Let’s do this for your small bathroom – getting a vertical space for a much better place.

small bathroom ideas

5. Let’s stuff them all…right in the corner for something much better.

Let’s stuff storage

6. A safe storage for electronics is a must to save lives.

safe storage ideas

7. There are pots for makeup brushes, so he will never make a fuss.

makeup storage

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